The West today: Where have all the grandchildren gone?

The West today: Where have all the grandchildren gone? By Thomas Ertl. A quote from a couple in Iowa:

I took my wife out to eat last night and the restaurant was rather busy so we ended up standing in line for several minutes before we could be seated. We were standing next to two couples who apparently knew each other from years back but had crossed paths and probably haven’t seen one another for ten years or more. The women were doing what women do, comparing notes on children and family. It was obvious they both had two children. The one lady was boasting how they have two grandchildren. When she turned to the other, she asked, “So how many grandchildren do you have?”

In the saddest voice that we have probably ever heard, almost choking up, she said, “Oh, I don’t think we’re ever going to have any grandchildren with our kids.” When my wife and I sat down we commented on this and both agreed it was the saddest thing we’d heard in a long time.

I almost wanted to turn to them and say “How have 50 years of feminism and the sexual revolution worked out for you? It doesn’t seem so harmless now, does it?” My other possible response was, “I have 22 grandchildren so far, can I loan you one for the weekend!” But I just bit my tongue and we sat down, reflecting on the sadness of it all. …

The article takes aim at modern feminism:

The feminist movement that started in the early 1960’s has been one of the most successful social revolutions in recorded history. Its success is measured in the transformation of the American family. The constant media psyop (psychological operations) and indoctrination have been tremendously effective in getting Western women to completely reject millenniums of historical traditions of family life replacing it with an entirely alien view of her feminine role in life and society. …

The critical decade of her 20’s, when great families are created, is now spent on temporal things that fade like all other vanities. The modern woman spends her 20’s … with personal driven activities of a job, amusements, multiple relationships, a new car, a dog, and travel, all of which in previous civilized societies were reserved for the time after her family was raised. These were often the best days in a married couple’s life; times of travel, personal pursuits and endless grandchildren events. The woman who buys into feminism in her 20’s will never experience this because she will not be able to get back that critical lost decade nor control her biological mortality.

A foundational doctrine of feminism is an “anti-baby” creed which views children as a nuisance and hindrance to the modern woman’s pursuit of perceived personal happiness. …

We have all seen the images of Islamic men and clerics holding up babies to the sky declaring to Europe, “We will conquer you.”

Islamic leaders understand the great weapon they have in their birthrates and know that if they can get the smallest foothold in an egalitarian European country, in a few generations that country will become theirs. Their confidence of victory rests in the fact that their women have remained in their traditional roles as wives and mothers and have not succumbed to suicidal Western feminism.

hat-tip Stephen Neil