‘Qantas partners an airline owned by a regime that jails gays’

‘Qantas partners an airline owned by a regime that jails gays’. By Jason Gagliardi.

Hell hath no fury like a sponsor scorned: Israel Folau felt the wrath of Joyce as Qantas threatened to pull its Wallabies sponsorship after the rugby star suggested gay people were on the highway to hell.

Israel Folau, rugby star

Ian was incensed:

“Qantas is in a partnership with Emirates, an airline owned by a government that jails people for being gay. Alan Joyce’s hypocrisy is astounding but no journalist seems to ever bother calling him out on this.”

Rod replied:

“It seems that Israel Folau was asked a question via social media and he gave a candid response based on his personal beliefs.

“I don’t know if anyone asked Alan Joyce for an opinion but he seems to spend an inordinate amount of time preaching to his staff and the public at large from the Qantas CEO’s pulpit.”

Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO

hat-tip Stephen Neil