Things get hot when a white panelist is told not to quote Martin Luther King

Things get hot when a white panelist is told not to quote Martin Luther King, by Tim Tillison.

TV One host Roland Martin was quickly put in his place by fellow panelist Jennifer Grossman on Easter Sunday during a discussion about diversity among White House interns under President Donald Trump. …

My thoughts are largely that the most important thing is the content of our character and what’s in our heads and our ideas and our thought, not the color of our skin,” Grossman, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush answered. …

“I’m a little concerned about creating intern classes where everybody looks different but thinks the same,” Grossman added.

Please don’t quote [Dr. Martin Luther King],” Martin interjected, displaying a familiar stance where some black Americans claim exclusive ownership of King’s legacy.

“I will quote him!” an irritated Grossman fired back. “Do you want to have more of a debate on race?”

The libertarian then made it clear that she will not be bullied into silence over race.

“Your kind of politically-correct bullying of people on racism is not going to work,” she continued, wagging her finger in the air. “So, I will quote Dr. Martin Luther King every single day. And you won’t stop me.”

The left nowadays is all racism, all the time.