The Pace of Progress: Transgender Acceptance

The Pace of Progress: Transgender Acceptance. By Jim Goad.

What’s astonishing is how quickly the public opinion has turned on this issue. And when I say “has turned,” what I mean is “has been manipulated and shamed by the powers that be and the brute force of social pressure into accepting a belief that is fraudulent at its core.”

Twenty years ago, what quotient of the population believed that what are now known and openly venerated as “transgender people” were anything beyond silly and often tragic “crossdressers”? I’d reckon it was around one percent or lower. These days, you can have your personal and professional life destroyed for refusing to say that the Emperor’s New Body looks fierce and fab. …

No matter how many flesh-slicing, bone-sawing surgeries they undergo in their quest to become the gender they weren’t “assigned” at birth, and no matter how skillful their plastic surgeons were or how beautiful their manufactured plastic boobs may be, the minute they open their mouths, it’s almost impossible not to think, “Oh, wow, that’s a dude. Weird.”

Still, trannies and their advocates insist that it is a hate crime not to suspend disbelief and to deny that these men who claim they’re women and these women who claim they’re men are “who they really are” — in other words, anything but what they really were the moment they came slip-sliding out of the womb.

If the western population can change opinion so quickly, what PC silliness won’t we be quick to take on board?