French Overwhelmingly Back Deporting Terror Suspects, Banning Radical Islam

French Overwhelmingly Back Deporting Terror Suspects, Banning Radical Islam, by Oliver Lane.

A significant majority of French now support banning the radical Salafist sect of Islam, and the government reinstating the national state of emergency, as the nation reels from another deadly radical Islamic terror attack in March.

The new poll taken days after four were killed by a self-proclaimed member of the Islamic State killed four in southern France found the French public overwhelmingly backing a significant crackdown on radical Islam and deportations that could impact tens of thousands of people.

Perhaps most significantly, 88 per cent of French said they supported banning the rapidly expanding, radical Salafist sect of Islam, even though over half of respondents said they acknowledged that implementing the ban in France would be difficult, if not impossible. …

Le Figaro reports 83 per cent supported deporting foreigners on French soil who have so-called ‘S’ (security) case files on them held by the security services — the French term demonstrating that an individual is considered a potentially dangerous radical by the French state.

The problem is just the PC elite doggedly hanging on to their ignorant fantasies.

Writes Philip:

I traveled to France on a couple of occasions in the early ’60s. The jazz scene was strong and dominated by blacks. Brilliant music.

They had integrated fully; they were black, but they were French, and not just the musicians, but the Africans on the street. I could not see any resentment on the streets or in the shops at all — though admittedly I was only there for 3 -4 week periods (hitchhiking). I was amazed. There were very few blacks in England at the time and I had not been exposed to them very much. I tended to stare, but the French didn’t. They were completely accepting, or so it seemed to me. I marveled at it. The blacks spoke French and considered themselves French.

The French are not a racist people, but they do insist on adherence to French values. Who but a fool could criticize that?

It is not the French — black or white — that have changed, it is the inane importation of people who will NEVER assimilate because they have no intention of doing so. That is what the French resent, and rightly so. Unfortunately, it will end up with people being categorized by the colour of their skin.

The whole move to enforce the intermingling of cultures, presumably in the effort to enforce tolerance, is counterproductive and will end in violence and long-term alienation.

We all love visiting foreign cultures and seeing how the rest of the world live. Then we love going home again, to how we live.

Another reader:

My son said two years ago after he visited Paris that he felt he didn’t need to go to Africa because he’d already been there.

hat-tip Philip Barton, Stephen Neil