Eye For An Eye: One Of The Greatest Ideas In History

Eye For An Eye: One Of The Greatest Ideas In History, by Jacob Airey.

In a new video for his educational non-profit, conservative commentator Dennis Prager explains why “eye for an eye” is “one of the greatest ideas in history.” Comparing the scriptures to other ancient codes of conduct, Prager explains why the Bible is the cornerstone of Western Civilization.

“Even atheists acknowledge that the book that is most responsible for creating Western civilization is the Bible,” Prager says. …

“After all, it was Western civilization that created societies rooted in individual liberty, rooted in democracy, that affirmed the equality of all people, and which gave the world the notion of universal human rights. Of course, these unique moral ideals took centuries to be realized, and the ideals were often violated. But only the West formulated these ideals, let alone achieved them… and then spread them around the world.”

As “reverence for Western civilization fell, so did reverence for the source of that civilization,” he says. “The Bible has not only been neglected, but reviled — as a foolish fairy tale at best, and as an immoral work at worst. This view springs not from intellectual rigor, but from intellectual laziness.”