Donald Trump Proposes Guarding Southern Border with the Military

Donald Trump Proposes Guarding Southern Border with the Military, by Charles Spiering.

President Donald Trump said he is currently having discussions in his administration to deploy military resources on the southern border.

A small fence separates densely-populated Tijuana, Mexico, right, from the United States in the Border Patrol's San Diego Sector.

Making his remarks during a lunch meeting at the White House with the presidents of Baltic nations, as Gen. James Mattis sat beside him at the table, Trump said, “I’ve been speaking with Gen. Mattis. We’re going to be doing things militarily,” adding, “Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military.”

The president did not detail specific plans for policing the border but appeared eager to make it happen after Democrats stalled progress on his long-promised border wall. …

Trump confirmed in an afternoon press conference on Tuesday that he does intend to use military force to secure the border.