Telford: Leftist hypocrisy exposed again over Muslim grooming gangs

Telford: Leftist hypocrisy exposed again over Muslim grooming gangs, by Daisy Cousens.

The sleepy town of Telford, England, is home to the latest bout of grooming gangs and child sexual exploitation …  rape and sexual trafficking of up to 1,000 girls, some as young as 11, with offenses dating back to the early 1980s. … The Telford case bears an eerie likeness to the infamous Rotherham scandal, in which 1,400 girls were raped and trafficked by grooming gangs between 1997 and 2013. Similar cases were reported in Rochdale, Oxfordshire, Newcastle, and eleven other English towns.

The incidents, although widespread and involving thousands of victims, have three things in common.

  1. The victims; primarily white girls.
  2. The perpetrators; predominantly Muslim Pakistani men.
  3. The crimes; not dealt with by authorities for years, because police and local councils did not want to be accused of racism. …

The fact the majority of the perpetrators are Pakistani Muslims is an uncomfortable fact, especially for the politically correct leftist droves. Their knee-jerk reaction was to clutch at the first murmur the number of attacks might be in dispute …

Stating Pakistani Muslim men are disproportionately represented in grooming gangs and gang rape is the grossest of understatements. A December 2017 report by Quilliam International found 84 per cent of men convicted of being members of grooming gangs from 2005 to 2017 are Pakistani Muslims. This is, to use the left’s favourite expression, problematic, as Muslims represent about only seven per cent of the UK population.

This awkward fact can be blamed for the deafening silence on the issue in the cultural mainstream. Regardless of the fact the Telford girls are seemingly textbook victims, the largely left-wing #metoo campaign and its adherents have turned their back on them.

The Left prefers instead taking down straight, white, wealthy men, and the glitz and glamour of exposing the culture of sexual exploitation in Hollywood. …

The #MeToo brigadiers wouldn’t dare risk a backlash by even alluding to the fact there could also be a culture of sexual exploitation within the ranks of Islam. After all, according to leftist rules of intersectionality, Islam scores more points on the victimology scale than gender. Especially if the females in question are white. For all the cultural Left cares, the Telford girls, branded with the smear of ‘rural, white, and working class’, can rot in obscurity. One young teen claims she was ‘laughed at’ by her social worker when she told her she was being sold to Pakistani men for sex.)

Sarah: Rotherham survivor

What has also remained largely ignored is the profoundly racist nature of the attacks. Unsurprising, as the leftist ‘in vogue’ definition of racism involves an alleged power imbalance between whites and non-whites. According to the Left, only whites can be racist. However, the rape and sexual exploitation of ‘infidel’ girls and women is not a new concept within Islam. It goes back to Muhammad, who made it perfectly clear that his soldiers were permitted to rape female infidel slaves. Sure, other cultures have done the same over the course of human history, but only Islam is carrying it into a modern, prolific context.

Isis continued the practice when they kidnapped scores of Yazidi infidel women and girls from Iraq and sold them into sexual slavery. The grooming and rape for profit and pleasure seen in the towns of Northern England is a by-product of that same medieval attitude to non-Muslim (and usually white) women. …

But the Left, while perfectly happy to screech about ‘white male privilege’, launch royal commissions into the Catholic Church, and fabricate statistics about ‘rape culture’ in residential colleges, continues to turn a blind eye when bad behaviour comes from one of their protected identity groups. To the Left, Islam is immune from critique, no matter the crime. …

What hasn’t happened, and apparently never will:

It is fruitless to criticise the cultural Left for their hypocrisy. They will never change. What is crucial is the abuse is stopped. Decent, law-abiding Muslims, who reject this shameful minority faction, must come out in droves and decry these crimes.

hat-tip Stephen Neil