White South African estate agent jailed for racist abuse

White South African estate agent jailed for racist abuse, by the BBC.

A former estate agent in South Africa has been jailed for racist abuse in what has been called a landmark ruling.

A court jailed Vicky Momberg for three years, with one year suspended, for using a derogatory word against a black police officer 48 times.

Her lawyer said she was not in a normal state at the time, as she had just been the victim of a smash-and-grab robbery.

Handing down her ruling, magistrate Pravina Raghoonandan said some may think the sentence was harsh but it was intended to signal that racism will not be tolerated in South Africa.

What a joke. Malema talks of ‘Cutting the Throat of Whiteness’ and the possibility of genocide of whites. Former President Zuma sings of ‘Kill the Boer, kill the farmer’. Oppression of white Africans is well advanced. It’s all one-way traffic as tribalism wins out.

It’s Global Hypocrisy. It’s rising everywhere. Civilization is being washed away by a tsunami of cant. We must have a hypocrisy tax to save us.

hat-tip Stephen Neil,  Philip Barton