UN backs Xi Jinping’s version of human rights

UN backs Xi Jinping’s version of human rights, by Rowan Callick.

China has convinced the UN Human Rights Council to support President Xi Jinping’s core rights concept: that it should pursue “a community of shared future for human beings”.

China’s motion was agreed by the 47-member council over the weekend, with only the US opposing and 17 countries, including Australia, Britain, Japan and Switzerland, abstaining.

It urged “mutually beneficial co-operation in the field of human rights”, stressing respect for each country’s interpretation of the concept, in strong contrast with the long-established UN aspiration of implementing universal human rights.

The co-sponsors of China’s motion included Syria, Cambodia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Egypt, Myanmar, Burundi and Eritrea.

Australia stated its concern, arguing that the motion lacked balance “and focuses only on relations between states instead of individual rights”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil