Killed because you’re white

Killed because you’re white, by Paul Toohey.

They came for Nicci Simpson at her farm west of Johannesburg at 10am, as she was preparing to go out. It was sudden, ferocious and planned. They seized her keys, panic button and bag, and kicked her in the knees, forcing her to drop.

Police have classified her attack by three men on March 10 last year as a “house robbery”, even though her two feet were drilled through with a power tool on the small holding where she grows cattle fodder. …

“I’m red-faced to tell you what they said,” she says. “I kept being referred to as ‘a white f…ing bitch’.

They broke into a storeroom and brought up electric tools and crowbars. “It went on for six hours and they were getting more bold and barbaric.

“The knifeman, he was sauntering around. He leaned over my right shoulder and began drilling through my feet without warning.” What did you do? “I didn’t scream and I didn’t cry. It was painful, it was. Afterwards a police person told me the fact that I didn’t scream or beg saved me.” …

On Friday, a white farmer from the Eastern Cape was raped in front of her three children. On Wednesday, in the northern Limpopo province, three white people working on a farm were shot, the foreman, fatally in the chest. His partner survived being shot twice in the arm and the farm owner’s son survived a shot to the groin.

The attackers have not been found and likely never will be. Nor have the three men who tortured Simpson been identified. It may not be possible to understand the cruelty but the source of the attacks is in plain view. …

Police are yet to provide answers to the family of Kyle Stols, 21, who was killed from shots to the head and heart on a game farm outside Bloemfontein on October 22 last year. … Nothing was stolen, not even Kyle Stols’s mobile phone. Asked why his brother was killed, Gabriel Stols says: “My personal opinion? It’s because he’s white, he lives on a farm and there’s still a lot of hatred. In the media, you see statements that there are only five million whites and 45 million blacks and how ‘we can kill them all in two weeks’.

“We have no help, we are sitting ducks. As soon as you kill someone on a farm, the family doesn’t have the courage to go back to the farm. I was a small child in apartheid. I can’t even remember it. My brother was born in the new South Africa and is killed because he’s white.” …

The question of whether farm attacks are “normal” crime or targeted race crime is the subject of much commentary. There is no question that more black people suffer more from crime in South Africa than whites — given their majority, that is not surprising.

However, there are only 30,000 commercial white farmers left in South Africa, down from 60,000 at the changeover from apartheid in the early 1990s. With 400 farm attacks last year, up tenfold from a decade ago, and between one and two farmers murdered every week, this cohort soars above the current annual national murder rate of 34 murders per 100,000.

The heavy toll, along with a tendency for attackers to linger on the scene to commit wilful atrocity, is why white farmers feel certain they are persecuted; and the reason Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton sparked outrage and gratitude when he said he would consider humanitarian visas for them to apply to live in a “civilised” country.

The silence from the left and the PC media is telling. The Australian globalists don’t want these whites as immigrants, but any non-white refugees are most welcome — because they vote left.

hat-tip Stephen Neil