Gender ideology is ‘completely insane’

Gender ideology is ‘completely insane’, by Dorothy McLean about an interview with Jordan Peterson.

Another problem with making divisions between biological sex, “gender,” “gender expression,” and sexual orientation is that it makes its adherents’ other ideas completely illogical. Peterson used bans on conversion therapy as his example.

The LGBT lobby is dead set against anything that smacks of conversion therapy, the idea that you could convert someone who has a primarily homosexual identity to someone who has a primarily heterosexual [identity],” he told Trussell. “It’s illegal in Ontario and in many [American] states now to even attempt that. But if there’s complete independence between the biology, the identity, the expression and the sexual preference, then there’s no reason to assume that it can’t be changed.

Bolstering his argument, Peterson mentioned the ultimate conclusion of gender ideology, namely that gender is totally fluid. Some activists teach that a person can be a man one day and a woman the next, or even change sexual identity from minute to minute.

“If it’s that fluid, and it’s only dependent on subjective choice, which is what the legislation now insists, then why can’t that argument be used by conservatives to say exactly the same thing about sexual preference?”

hat-tip Stephen Neil