Readership plummets for alt-right Breitbart without Bannon

Readership plummets for alt-right Breitbart without Bannon, by Mark Moore.

The site, which had been run by former White House strategist Steve Bannon before being pushed out in January, has lost half its readership since October, Politico reported Tuesday.

The website went from 15 million unique visitors in October to 7.8 million in February, the report said, citing numbers from comScore, an audience tracking service. …

The report blamed a number of factors on the decline, including Facebook changing its news feed algorithm to rely less on media organizations, an increased digital presence by Fox News and the decline of Bannon’s influence. …

“They hitched their wagon to Trump, but more importantly, they hitched their wagon to Bannon,” Ben Shapiro, a former Breitbart editor, told Politico. “And when Bannon left, what was the character of the site going to be? That was always a serious question.”

Bannon’s standing rose as Trump won the Republican nomination and entered the White House.

“At one point Breitbart was considered must-read status because it was thought of as one of the only places to get a window into what the president was thinking,” said former Breitbart spokesman Kurt Bardella.

Jack Sutter:

Post-election traffic for a politically oriented site always goes on the decline once the election’s over with. …

Fox News, for example, is making gains as Breitbart suffers losses mainly because Fox decided a few months ago to mimic the tactics of their firebrand competitor and magnify their online presence. So of course they’re cutting into Breitbart’s readership.