In Facebook advertisers trust? Not likely after this fiasco

In Facebook advertisers trust? Not likely after this fiasco, by Peter Miller.

The concept is simple: there is a direct correlation between trusted content and trust in ads that appear with it. It is good news for trusted news media brands and is reinforced each time platforms such as Facebook implode. …

Advertisers have flocked to [Facebook] in droves, no doubt secure in the knowledge that Facebook users trust Facebook and advertisers can leverage that trust to sell goods and services. How wrong they have been.

Last year, NewsMediaWorks commissioned a study by Australian research company Galaxy Research into trust in media content and advertising.

Ten media channels were tested including newspapers; digital news media; television; radio; cinema; magazines; outdoor; social; search; and other websites.

More than 2800 Australians aged 18 and older were surveyed and asked to determine to what extent they agreed the ads in the given media adhered to 20 characteristics (honest, credible, useful, likeable, and so on) grouped into four key dimensions: reliability; usefulness; effect; and willingness to rely on.

The study found there was direct correlation between content and advertising, and ultimately demonstrated that ads in news media were most trusted. At the polar opposite end of the scale, and stone motherless last, came social media, dominated by Facebook. Consumers trusted neither the content nor the advertising on the site.