Conservative Hysteria over Omnibus Is Wrong and Self-Defeating

Conservative Hysteria over Omnibus Is Wrong and Self-Defeating, by Joel Pollack.

The large number of giveaways to Democratic Party projects and special interests is a sign that the Swamp is still alive and festering in the Trump era.

The fact that the 2,232-page bill was jammed down legislators’ throats with literally no time to read it shows how little has changed in Washington even after the Tea Party.

And the lack of real funding for the border wall — Trump’s core campaign promise in 2016 — suggests that Trump is “getting rolled” by both parties. …

Conservatives can also take heart from what was not included in the omnibus. The Trump administration held out against Democrat demands for full amnesty for 1.8 million “Dreamers” — i.e. illegal aliens brought into the country as minors.

hat-tip Charles