Deep State Rolls Trump On Budget, Immigration. Is This the End?

Deep State Rolls Trump On Budget, Immigration. Is This the End? By John Derbyshire.

So Congress finally passed a budget. [The deficit is] a blockbuster — $1.3 trillion, or around four thousand dollars for every man, woman, and child in the U.S.A. Basically it is a compound made up of (a) anything Leftist Democrats could wish for, and (b) anything that the Jeb Bush wing of the Republican Party, and that wing’s Big Business donors (but I repeat myself), could wish for. But how about the things that sixty-three million of us voted for in 2016, awarding the Presidency to Donald Trump?

If you apply a microscope to the budget bill’s two thousand-odd pages, you can find a teeny-tiny sort-of concession to Trumpism hidden in there among the gov-speranto.

There is, for example, $1.6 billion [0.04% of the 4 trillion dollar budget] … for border security, probably the single issue more than any other that brought voters out for Trump in 2016.

How will that $1.6 billion be spent? Congressional Republicans have told us it will be spent on, “replacement (of existing barriers), bollards, and levee improvements.” Congressional Democrats have told us that the money will not be used for any new concrete wall.

So — no wall, then. Those “prototypes” our President was inspecting in the southwestern desert the other day were merely what the late Senator Pat Moynihan called “boob bait for the bubbas.” …

This budget bill is, in short, a middle finger to President Trump.

Its larger message: populism is no match for the Deep State. The contest is an unequal one. It’s almost cruel the way the congresscritters — Chuck Ryan and Paul Schumer, Nancy McConnell and Mitch Pelosi — it’s almost cruel the way they are grinning and chuckling and high-fiving among themselves over how easy it’s been to kick sand in the President’s face.

I’m afraid we can now see that the populist victories of two years ago that filled us with so much hope were in fact a false dawn, a mirage. For all its spirit and vigor and successes, the populist movement is amateurish and uncoordinated. It’s no match for the seasoned, hardened operatives of the Deep State, with their decades of experience at gaming Western democratic systems.

It’s the same across the Pond. The second great populist victory of 2016—second, I mean, to the election of Donald Trump—was the Brexit vote in Britain, to leave the European Union and restore Britain’s national sovereignty. … It’ll be 2021 before Britain can control European immigration; and given their utter failure to control non-EU immigration, I wouldn’t rest much hope in things changing even then, five years after the Brexit vote. …

I have to call things as I see them. What I see is, that President Trump is not a very reliable friend of Trumpism. …

A friend has an adjective he deploys to describe Trump: “anticompetent.” A merely in-competent ruler, my friend says—like the child rulers who sometimes took the throne in old dynastic monarchies—could skate along without doing much harm by relying on advisors. Trump goes beyond that to anti-competent, sabotaging himself at every turn, taking advice from Deep Staters who sneer him behind his back and detest the people who voted for him.