Trump signs $1.3 trillion spending bill into law despite being ‘unhappy’ about it

Trump signs $1.3 trillion spending bill into law despite being ‘unhappy’ about it, by Jacob Pramuk.

An “unhappy” President Donald Trump signed the $1.3 trillion spending bill into law Friday, his second about-face in 24 hours on the measure to keep the government open.

The president said he approved the legislation to fund the government through September for national security reasons, as it authorizes a major increase in military spending that he supports. But he stressed that he did so reluctantly.

Trump slammed the rushed process to pass the more than 2,200-page bill released only Wednesday. Standing near the pile of documents, the president said he was “disappointed” in the legislation and would “never sign another bill like this again.” …

Trump highlighted the portions of the bill he supports: the nearly $80 billion increase in defense spending, a $1.6 billion boost to border security funding and a cash injection to fight the opioid epidemic. The border money will go mostly toward surveillance technology and fencing similar to structures that already exist on the southern border. The amount of funding came in far below what the president wanted. …

While Republicans and the president himself have said the bill funds Trump’s “wall,” the money goes to miles of new fencing similar to existing structures.

Trump, who has tried to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, reportedly wanted $25 billion in long-term wall funding in exchange for protections for the young immigrants. Democrats and some Republicans have sought to extend the DACA program. Trump reportedly did not want to give up to 1.8 million immigrants a pathway to citizenship as part of that deal, as Democrats wanted.

The Tea Party crew have supported Trump. even though many have misgivings about his character, because he acted like a conservative. But if Trump acts like a free-spending liberal and does not build a wall, that support will evaporate.

You Can Vote For Conservatism, But You Can’t Get It, by John Hinderaker.

I first made that observation — you can vote for conservatism, but you can’t get it — quite a few years ago. Sadly, it remains true, as exemplified by the $1.3 trillion spending monstrosity that President Trump signed today.

Quick. You’ve only got a few hours to read this before voting on it!

All Republicans, and some Democrats, run on a platform of smaller government, less spending and lower taxes. Voters, more often than not, elect such candidates. But the forces pressing for more and more spending, toward ends that are increasingly removed from the proper purposes of government, are inexorable.