Greens claim Dutton has ‘racist’ views on white South African farmers

Greens claim Dutton has ‘racist’ views on white South African farmers, by Rachael Baxendale. The left cries racism and goes into big-time name calling and serious but unsubstantiated allegations:

Greens senator Nick McKim has claimed the Liberal Party “still has a White Australia policy”, accusing Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton of being “racist”, “fascist” and “regurgitating speaking points from neo-Nazis”.

Mr Dutton has sparked controversy and diplomatic tensions when he last week argued the “persecuted” farmers needed help from a “civilised country” like Australia, following disturbing reports of extreme violence, land theft and murders.

Asked whether he believed it was reasonable to suggest the Liberal Party “still has a White Australia policy”, Senator McKim stuck by his claim.

“Absolutely. It’s naked, and it’s transparent and it’s out in the open,” Senator McKim told Sky News.

“I mean basically we’ve got Peter Dutton who is regurgitating speaking points from neo-Nazi or Nazi or fundamentalist white nationalist websites around the world who are now out there bragging that they’ve captured Peter Dutton and they’re very happy that he’s repeating the speaking points that they’ve been putting on their websites,” he said.

“You’ve got Mr Dutton and others supporting him now nakedly and clearly suggesting that Australia’s immigration policy should be conducted on the basis of the colour of somebody’s skin, and it’s a simple reversion to the White Australia policy which was actually adopted by both the Labor and Liberal Parties back in the day, and I thought we’d gone past that and I think most Australians thought we’d gone past it.”

Senator McKim claimed Australia’s offshore detention policy was motivated by skin colour.

“Of course it’s got things to do with skin colour. I’ve been to Manus Island many times as you know and I can assure you there’s no white people locked up on Manus or Nauru,” he said. …

Dutton applies principle, with only a little name-calling:

Peter Dutton earlier said he was staring down fierce criticism from “crazy lefties” at the ABC as he pushes on with plans to bring white South African farmers into Australia. …

Mr Dutton said he was blind to skin colour and would continue to bring in migrants based on the national interest. …

Mr Dutton likened the latest backlash to the reaction over his comments on African gangs in Melbourne over summer. “Stick to the facts and you’re on safe grounds so all of the criticism over the last week has meant nothing to me,” he said.

Andrew Hastie:

WA Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, who first raised the issue with Mr Dutton, [told ABC radio]:“I’ve had nothing but very, very positive feedback. I have a lot of South African constituents.” …

Mr Hastie said he had heard horror stories about the violence inflicted upon white South African farmers.

The greens charge of a “white Australia policy” and immigration by skin color is egregious projection. They would do it — in fact they are doing it, only the other way around. The globalist left is bringing  non-white people into white Western countries as quickly as possible because they overwhelmingly vote left. No justification required, legal or illegal, if they’re non-white the left supports their entry. Who’s being racist?

How else can the left gain power nowadays, except through identity politics and growing the non-white vote? Communism crashed and burned, but the left activists who dominate party meetings aren’t content with mildly socialist managerialism.