Xi Jinping vows to fight ‘bloody battles against our enemies’

Xi Jinping vows to fight ‘bloody battles against our enemies’, by Rowan Callick.

President Xi Jinping has pledged “to fight the bloody battle against our enemies” to regain “our due place in the world” in a fervently nationalistic speech to close China’s annual parliamentary session.

No power could stop the ­resurgence of Chinese culture and “high-quality” economic growth, Mr Xi boasted while threatening to protect “every inch” of territory.

Heralding the “New Era” he has declared for his country after the National People’s Congress session paved the way for him to rule for life, Mr Xi said the “rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has become the biggest dream of the Chinese people”. …

That’s edging towards Mein Kampf territory.

Without naming the US President, Mr Xi said China would be strong but not aggressive, and would not develop itself at the ­expense of the rest of the world.

Whew. Meanwhile China is lowering tariffs … perhaps in response to Trump’s recent threats and raising some tariffs?

[Premier Li Keqiang] said tariffs for “important day-to-day consumer goods” would be reduced further, and slashed to zero for drugs, especially those needed for cancer treatment.

Even though “it would involve a cost”, China would open the service sector up to greater foreign involvement, he said, including aged care, health, education and financial services, areas in which Australia has for two years enjoyed an advantage over competitors through its free-trade agreement.

Manufacturers would no longer be required to transfer their technology when investing in China, and intellectual property would be better protected, he said. …

A large deficit — about which Mr Trump has railed — “is not something we want to see”, he said, adding China was opening up new fields for investment and wished to buy more hi-tech, high-quality goods from the US to produce more “balanced trade” and a “complementary, stable relationship”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil