Our America or theirs

Our America or theirs, by Richard Rail.

Lefties are in deep, deep denial. They accuse Trump of the silliest stuff imaginable while exalting Barama and Hillary. Comey and McCabe and Strzok are honorable men, and the Mueller investigation will put Trump in jail. There’s no talking with them because they just insult and sneer. I know; I’ve tried.

They have built their own universe outside the universe of the real, and they say we who oppose them live outside the universe of the real and have built our own universe. It’s astonishing, and the longer it goes on, the more likely they are to lash out with violence when forced to face facts they don’t want to face. …

A history of recent contested US election results:

No lefty would ever do what Nixon did in 1960 when he found out that JFK “won” the election by voter fraud. He didn’t think the nation could handle a stink of that nature and magnitude, so he let it go. The national good took precedence over his personal ambition.

Recall that when Al Gore had the chance to do something similar, he went to court to force acceptance of his fraudulent votes.

In 1974, Nixon followed advice that cut him off forever from his life’s work and resigned the presidency rather than put the country through the agony of impeachment. His own guys advised him to let go, and he did. The national good again took precedence over personal ambition.

When Bill Clinton had the chance to do something similar, he refused. He let the nation fall apart; it was more important to brazen it out. Nobody on his side advised him to go.

Trump is different:

This time around, the left faces someone who holds it accountable. Pace Nixon, Donald Trump is confident that America can survive a faceoff and may even want it, so he is taking on the left. Tens of millions of us have waited for a champion to do just that. Our adversary is nasty and pitiless. These people cheat, lie, and kill, and they don’t care about the country. They tout honor they don’t have and accuse us of having none.

We are facing evil and its fruits.

We can’t just let it go anymore. There is no place left for us to retreat to.