The Jihadi and the Social Justice Warrior

The Jihadi and the Social Justice Warrior, by Linda Goudsmit.

What is the difference between a Jihadi and a social justice warrior? …

The Jihadi is an unapologetic soldier in Islam’s religious war against America seeking to reestablish the Muslim caliphate by internationalizing the world under one-world government ruled by sharia law.

The social justice warrior is an unapologetic soldier in the leftist secular Culture War against America seeking to destroy America from within and internationalize her under one-world government ruled by the globalist elite.

So, the secular social justice warrior and the religious Islamic Jihadi are allied in their goal to destroy America and establish one-world government. The difference between them is the intended rulers of the new world order they aspire to create. …

Both favor censorship, because neither would survive if ideas and information were free to spread:

The censorship inherent in Liberalism’s political correctness is parallel to Islam’s prohibitions on criticizing Muhammed –– only the punishment differs because criticizing Muhammed is a lethal offense. Leftists silence by shunning, Jihadis silence by killing –– neither tolerate criticism of their religious dogma and leadership.

The social pressure to conform to the tenets of Liberalism are enormous and include, among myriad strategies being used to silence and shame those with differing views:

  • Educational curriculum content
  • Bullying
  • Social shunning,
  • Employment hiring and firing,
  • Career advancement,
  • Academic grades,
  • Safe spaces,
  • Criminalizing speech,
  • Censorship of Internet content,
  • Prohibiting conservative speakers.

Sharia law is antithetical to American Judeo-Christian norms and Constitutional law. The leftist pressure to accept sharia law as a benign multi-cultural alternative in America completely ignores the reality that sharia law is hostile to American norms. Liberalism’s ultimatum is conform or be shunned — far less extreme than the ultimatum in Islamic countries, conform or die.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific