South Africa needs its farmers

South Africa needs its farmers, an editorial by The Australian.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has suggested Australia might issue humanitarian visas to white farmers fleeing persecution in South Africa, prompting a denial from Pretoria of any such threat. Yesterday, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop refused to back Mr Dutton, stating humanitarian visas were “offered on merit” …

Attacks by armed black gangs on white-owned farms involving murder, torture and rape are on the rise. Official figures do not distinguish by race and the victims undoubtedly include black farm workers. But leftist commentary refuses to acknowledge the possibility that a once-dominant white minority can end up persecuted.Many blacks are murdered amid unacceptably high levels of violence in South Africa. But this does not alter the fact that inflammatory rhetoric about expropriation heightens the risk of worsening violence and dispossession targeted at white-owned farms. …

South Africa’s parliament has taken the first step towards expropriation in response to pressure from the radical Economic Freedom Fighters party, whose leader, Julius Malema, used to head the ANC Youth League. In a sign of his rabble-rousing, he remarked “We are cutting the throat of whiteness”, calling for the removal of the mayor of Port Elizabeth because he is white.

Leftists want brown and black immigrants, whether they be legal or illegal, because they overwhelmingly vote left. Conservatives want law abiding productive people who will assimilate readily into our society. The former are calling the latter “racist” because …. well, they always do. Mind you, it’s a pretty safe bet that South African farmers in Australia will mainly vote conservative.

hat-tip Stephen Neil