Britain First leader Paul Golding attacked in prison, nose broken

Britain First leader Paul Golding attacked in prison, nose broken. By the BBC.

Paul Golding, 36, was attacked in HMP Elmley on the Isle of Sheppey and moved to a care and separation unit after the attack on Wednesday afternoon.

The Mirror reported Golding was left with a suspected broken nose when he was attacked by two fellow inmates. …

Golding and Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen, 32, were jailed earlier this month after being convicted of religiously aggravated harassment. Fransen was handed a 36-week sentence and Golding was jailed for 18 weeks.

The pair, both from Penge in south-east London, had been arrested over the distribution of leaflets and posting of online videos during a gang rape trial.

Look what happens to you in the UK if you criticize Islam. Free speech and all that — were so yesterday.

The lid is being screwed down on the pressure cooker.