Republicans sound alarm as Democrats claim Pennsylvania win

Republicans sound alarm as Democrats claim Pennsylvania win, by David Morgan.

Republicans sounded the alarm on Wednesday after Democrats claimed victory in a Pennsylvania congressional election seen as a referendum on U.S. President Donald Trump’s performance, although the vote tally remained officially too close to call.

In an ominous sign for Trump’s Republicans eight months before national midterm elections, moderate Democrat Conor Lamb led conservative Republican Rick Saccone on Wednesday by a fraction of a percentage point for the House of Representatives seat. …

The election should have been a shoo-in for Republicans in a district that Trump won by almost 20 points in the 2016 presidential election. He campaigned for Saccone, who started the race well ahead of Lamb.

Not as bad as it sounds for the right, as Lion explains:

Can the Democrats really run veterans, football players and sheriffs (in other words, the type of people who appeal to blue-collar whites) when the SJW-types who are in charge hate those types of people?

For this one special election, the answer was yes. Democrats found a white male veteran and although Conor Lamb wasn’t a sheriff, he was a prosecutor, the type of lawyer best liked by the proles because they think prosecutors put criminals in prison and are tough on crime.

So although some may think this special election is a victory for Democrats, it’s really a victory for the prole white strategy. Democrats don’t have a bench full of people like Lamb, and SJWs who control the party would be outraged if a bunch of people like Lamb started taking over the party in order to appeal to the people that Hillary Clinton called “deplorables.” It’s not going to happen. Democrats will continue to run blacks, gays, trannies, everyone else who’s toxic to prole whites.


Saccone was a fool for not running on Trump’s platform. He spent zero time talking about immigration, trade and the opioid crisis. The lesson to be learned here is that the GOPe must put up Trumpian candidates or die. Blue collar whites don’t give a shit about your corporate tax cuts or your “principles”. They want to live!! They are literally dying out there and Conor Lamb connected with them by becoming the conservative populist candidate. This is embarrassing because it was so avoidable.

Jay Fink:

A white man running for President as a Dem would have low enthusiasm from minorities and many would not bother to vote. A black Dem candidate may seem too extreme to many swing voters and they will vote GOP. Obama was perfect for Dems because the whites saw the white in him (yet were also able to virtue signal that they voted for a black guy) and the blacks saw the black which made them wildly enthusiastic.