Merkel, running unopposed, narrowly wins fourth term as German Chancellor

Merkel, running unopposed, narrowly wins fourth term as German Chancellor, by Maxime Schlee.

Angela Merkel received the final rubber stamp to lead her fourth government on Wednesday with Germany’s lower house of parliament officially electing her chancellor.

Among the 692 MPs to vote in a secret ballot at the Bundestag, 364 voted in favor of another term for the 63-year-old Christian Democrats (CDU) leader and 315 voted against (nine abstained and four votes were invalid). With only nine votes above the needed majority — which lies at 355 votes — Merkel’s victory is her narrowest since she first took office in 2005.

Robert Spencer:

Merkel will have four more years, or more precisely three and a half, to complete her destruction of Germany and its demise as a free society. The Muslim migrant inundation will continue, and Germany will grow ever more wonderfully diverse.

A reader writes:

Germans will regret allowing this ghastly woman to stay in power.

Merkel smiles for dominant immigrant

On the contrary. In a few hundred years, Merkel will be looked back upon as the brave soul who opened up Germany to the future, praise be to Allah (in Arabic, heralded by the Grand Mosque in Berlin).

hat-tip Stephen Neil