Not ‘Toxic Masculinity,’ but None: Most Mass Shooters Are Fatherless

Not ‘Toxic Masculinity,’ but None: Most Mass Shooters Are Fatherless, by Tom Knighton.

For feminists, “toxic masculinity” is the ultimate bogeyman. It can represent anything they want it to represent, regardless of whether it’s a legitimate aspect of masculinity or not.

The latest claim from feminists has been that “toxic masculinity” is responsible for mass shootings like Parkland.

However, that claim may be the opposite of reality.

The Conservative Millennial brings up excellent points about why fathers matter: “26 out of the last 27 deadliest mass shooters were fatherless. … That’s why boys who grow up in single-mother homes are twice as likely to commit crimes than those who grow up with a present dad. That’s why both sons and daughters are more likely to become depressed without a strong relationship with their father. That’s why 71% of high school dropouts are fatherless.”

“If masculinity were truly toxic, then wouldn’t boys and girls who grow up without dads be happier and healthier? If it were better that men were more like women, wouldn’t kids be just as content with a mom than with having a father, too?” …

So-called “toxic masculinity” isn’t the problem. It has never been. It’s a bogeyman feminists use to advance their cause. It’s another way feminists can paint the female of the species as somehow superior and worthy of emulation, even by men.