Decency’s fight back against the left

Decency’s fight back against the left, by Lindsey Dearnley.

In scenes reminiscent of Nazi thugs smashing a Jewish shop in Berlin, Antifa an allegedly antifascist organisation dedicated to the intimidation and silencing of political opponents, broke up a public discussion about freedom of speech between Sargon of Akkad and Israeli Professor Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand think tank at Kings College London last week. Wearing balaclavas and equipped with megaphones, they overturned the speakers’ rostrum, smashed windows and left notes threatening the organisers. With many of the audience plainly terrified the building was cleared.

If you are puzzled at why violent left wing thugs consider, ’Sargon of Akkad’, a thirty eight year old family man called Carl Benjamin living in Swindon a fascist then it’s likely you are unfamiliar with YouTube’s growing colony of one-man political commentators. They include Sargon, Ben Shapiro, Paul Watson and psychologist Professor Jordan Peterson …

Peterson and Sargon have emerged as leaders of the Youtube talking heads, representing a young, male and politically disaffected army of voters who have no time for radical leftist agendas, political correctness, or the idea that complimenting a woman on her dress is verbal rape. …

Sargon’s weekly Youtube show,‘This Week in Stupid’ has over 700,000 subscribers and Canadian Professor Peterson’s over 900,000, testimony to how large a following the professor has outside of the range of the mainstream media attention. …

The real danger is the delete key on the console of a YouTube censor. Press it and Sargon and his fellow Youtube celebrities are silenced completely. Years worth of content and hundreds of thousands of followers can be deleted with a single keystroke, without warning or explanation. Sargon already has had his platform removed without warning as a result of secret pressure from the left. This time he has been re-instated.

Which is why there is a pressing need for online creators to take their work directly to physical audiences, for while they remain dependent on Youtube, they remain subject to its rules, censorship and whims.

There is a need to see bums on seats, therefore, rather than simply ideas in cyberspace. The great silent masses who have been shouted down over the last ten years need to be seen as physically real. It’s a question of numbers.

hat-tip Stephen Neil