UK Police Failed to Act as 1,000 Girls Beaten, Pimped, Raped, and Even KILLED Over 40 Years in Britain’s Worst Grooming Scandal

UK Police Failed to Act as 1,000 Girls Beaten, Pimped, Raped, and Even KILLED Over 40 Years in Britain’s Worst Grooming Scandal, by Jack Montgomery.

An investigation by the Sunday Mirror has revealed Britain’s worst ever grooming scandal, which saw authorities paralysed for 40 years by fears of “racism” accusations as grooming gangs victimised up to a thousand girls in Telford.

The left-leaning newspaper claims its 18-month investigation found “abuse on unprecedented levels”, with three women being killed when abuser Azhar Ali Mehmood burned down their home with them inside and two others dying in connection with the scandal.

Social workers reportedly knew of the abuse, which saw girls as young as 11 targeted, from the 1990s, but police took ten years to launch an investigation and the authorities failed to keep tabs on suspects and perpetrators from the South Asian [i.e.  Muslim] community fearing “racism” accusations.

Victims told the Sunday Mirror that the abuse — which is said to have begun in the 1980s — carries on to this day, and notes that police failed to investigate one recent case five times before a Member of Parliament directly intervened. …

Telford is a relatively small city, with a population of 170,000, making this scandal the most extensive and long-running in the country.

The number of victims in Rotherham was slightly higher at 1,500, but Rotherham is a significantly larger city with a population of around 260,000.

More cases like Sarah’s find the official light of existence.

Another small English town comes out from under the PC shield of silence. A combination of PC and Islam has seen another thousand English girls repeatedly raped for years by foreigners, and no one in authority is held responsible. Both Rotheram and Telford are towns so small I’d never heard of them before. How many others are there?

Easy Meat – Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal, by Peter McLoughlin, is a recent book of meticulous research on the Islamic gangs in Britain that groomed and raped young girls for decades. It found that 100,000 to 1 million girl’s lives have been shattered.

“I hated what was happening and my abusers made my skin crawl but I was told that if I said a word to anyone they’d come for my little sisters and tell my mum I was a prostitute,” said one 14-year-old victim, whose phone number had been sold to paedophiles.

“Night after night, I was forced to have sex with multiple men in disgusting takeaways and filthy houses. …

“The worst moment came just after my 16th birthday when I was drugged and gang-raped by five men.

“Days later, the ringleader turned up at my house and told me he’d burn it down if I breathed a word of what had happened.”

A civilization that does not protect its young women will die.

Maybe it deserves to die? Or wants to? “Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser,” by Tom Whitehead in 2009:

The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

He said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to “open up the UK to mass migration” but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its “core working class vote”. …

Inviting into your country millions of adherents of a totalitarian ideology forever stuck in seventh century Arabia, from the backwoods of Pakistan, then allowing them to ravage your country’s young women unchecked for decades, is … poor public policy. Who is responsible? Why isn’t the media all over this? Why are people who try to talk about this (such as the political party set up directly in response to the rapes, the BNP) systematically shut up and smeared by the establishment? Isn’t this the biggest scandal in the British Isles, ever?

hat-tip Stephen Neil