Stormy Daniels: So what did we learn?

Stormy Daniels: So what did we learn? By Paul Mirengoff.

If we learned that George W. Bush or Barack Obama had extramarital sex with a porn star and caused hush money to be paid to her, the news would be a big deal. Why? Because it would overturn the view many of us hold of an aspect of their character.

Reports that Donald Trump had extramarital sex with porn star Stormy Daniels and caused hush money to be paid to her is (assuming Trump broke no law) nothing approaching a big deal. It scarcely registers.

Why? Because the reports add nothing to our knowledge of Trump’s character. His alleged behavior is completely in-character. It’s just what we would expect from him.

If Trump abstained from sex with Stormy Daniels or, having had sex, did not pay for her silence, that would be news to anyone who has been paying attention these last few years.