Stormy Daniels and Ted Kennedy

Stormy Daniels and Ted Kennedy, by John Hinderaker.

The Democrats are trying to make something out of Donald Trump’s alleged dalliance, twelve years ago, with porn performer Stormy Daniels. …Frankly, I don’t think anyone cares.

But the story is interesting because it raises questions about what, in our era, constitutes a scandal. Trump’s long-ago romps with Daniels — assuming the stories are true — don’t qualify. There is one person, of course, who has a right to be outraged and probably is, but Melania doesn’t work for the Washington Post or the New York Times, and what she makes of the story is none of our business.

Worst case, Trump paid Stormy Daniels. But he didn’t kill her. That distinguishes him from the Liberal Lion of the Senate. If you want a scandal, and a cover-up that succeeded to a remarkable degree, look no further than Chappaquiddick. The Democratic Party conspired to cover up Ted Kennedy’s crime–manslaughter, in a particularly vile form–to preserve his political viability, at the cost of an innocent young woman’s life.

Yet [Ted Kennedy] remained a hero to Democrats until the day he died, forty years after he killed Mary Jo Kopechne. That is what I call a scandal: not only Ted Kennedy’s manslaughter — frankly, a charitable characterization — but the Democratic Party’s decades-long cover-up. …

If I were Trump, every time a reporter tried to ask me about Daniels, I would respond by talking about Chappaquiddick.