Problems Caused by Government Mysteriously Not So Evident in Ruling Class Suburbs

Problems Caused by Government Mysteriously Not So Evident in Ruling Class Suburbs. By Andrew Bolt.

IF only FM radio stars like Kate Langbroek lived out in suburbs where African gangs invaded homes or Lebanese gunmen shot them up.

If only Dave Hughes lived in Point Cook, where Sudanese refugees have attacked families in their homes.

If only Eddie McGuire lived not in Toorak, but in the parts of Dandenong stalked by ethnic gangs.

Maybe then our politicians would finally act as fast as they did when a man allegedly tried to invade the St Kilda home of poor Kate.

Langbroek, bruised in this “crazed, terrifying and violent” attack, launched an angry media blitz last week to demand Victoria’s government protect locals from residents of a nearby doss house. ,,,

In this case, Langbroek was talking about politicians failing to shut down a rooming house notorious for housing the disturbed, drugged and criminal, most Australian-born, not immigrants.

Within two days, the government announced the Regal rooming house near Langbroek’s home would be closed almost immediately, at a cost of $6 million. …

The instant success of Langbroek’s campaign suggests a harsh truth: that the political class reacts much faster when the victims of a social experiment are not the faceless masses but People Like Us — and famous. …

Trouble is, People Like Us — or Langbroek — don’t actually get to experience the sharp end of a refugee and immigration problem that’s out of control.

hat-tip Barry Corke