Political and institutional media bias of “fact-checkers”

Political and institutional media bias of “fact-checkers”, by Steve Sailer.

For example, I couldn’t find either Snopes or Factcheck.org touching the Rolling Stone “A Rape on Campus” story. (PolitiFact did mention it, but mostly in a tangential way.)

Lots of the Big Stories promoted by Big Media in recent years — e.g., George Zimmerman, Ferguson, Haven Monahan — have been more or less Fake News.

Moreover, huge stories in the press — e.g., the collapse of the Housing Bubble, crime, the Republican Party’s possible strategy for winning back the White House — are allowed only certain angles of interpretation. Thus, after the 2012 election, I pointed out that Romney had lost because he narrowly lost six states in the north central region by failing to appeal to white working class voters. But almost nobody spread that story, with the MSM giving overwhelming credence instead to the idea that the only way the GOP could get back to the White House was by doing exactly what the Democrats wanted: amnesty.