Jordan Peterson: free speech just as the doctor orders

Jordan Peterson: free speech just as the doctor orders, by Caroline Overington.

There was no shortage of entertaining moments during Jordan Peterson’s first Australian lecture last week, but the best was surely when he strode onto the stage and the audience gave him a standing ovation. He hadn’t even spoken.

Dr Peterson will tell you that happens everywhere he goes as he pretty much tours the planet full-time, the 21st century’s first rock-star psychologist.

His lectures are sold out. …

This tour he will speak about policies that keep indigenous Australians in poverty, the “victim mentality”, the “crisis in masculinity” that tries to make girls of boys and vice versa; “contemptible” Western feminism; the “murderous philosophy of radical leftists” and “morally and historically wrong” limits on free speech, including hate speech.

hat-tip Stephen Neil