The Australian ABC thinks too many women is never enough

The Australian ABC thinks too many women is never enough, by Andrew Bolt.

The ABC is booting male television and radio hosts off air again today for International Women’s Day despite last year’s criticism the move was tokenistic. …

What a mad exercise in victimology, with the ABC interviewing a string of women complaining about the unfairness of judging people by gender while meanwhile booting out presenters for being male.

Even crazier is that that ABC is railing against the oppression of women, presumably at the ABC, while led by a woman and employing a majority of women:

The latest report showed 56.2 per cent of employees classified as “content makers” were women, up from 51.3 per cent in 2014-15.

Women made up 72.6 per cent of staff in the administrative and professional category.

Five of the eight people on the board are women, too.

Exactly when will the ABC admit “equality” is achieved — at least in the crude metric of gender — and give up this ludicrous and debilitating preaching that women are the eternal victims and need this kind of patronising?

Whites are next. If it gets going, it won’t stop at any “equality”.