Man becomes first person convicted of sexism under new Belgian law

Man becomes first person convicted of sexism under new Belgian law, by Jane Dalton.

A court in Brussels fined him €3,000 for insulting a police officer because of her gender, Le Soir reported. …

The Belgian case involved a driver who was stopped for breaking the highway code. The young man — who has not been identified — insulted the police officer because of her gender, the court heard.

He was reported to have said she would be better off doing a job “adapted to women”, in a scene witnessed by several other people.

The driver was found guilty of three charges: contempt of a police officer, making threats and sexist remarks in public, and a serious violation of another person’s dignity because of her gender.

He was warned that if he failed to pay the fine, a prison term of a month would be imposed. …

Under the law, any behaviour expressing “contempt towards a person, because of their sexuality” or treating a person as “inferior or as reduced essentially to their sexual dimension“, which entails a serious attack on their dignity is punishable by up to a year in prison and/or a fine.

Too bad for freedom of speech and thought. And I’ll bet this principle is very unevenly applied.

Yet another example of the left using the sledgehammer of state violence to enforce its political views on people, rather than persuading us.