Wilders: I criticize Putin’s policies, but applaud the way he stands for Russian people

Wilders: I criticize Putin’s policies, but applaud the way he stands for Russian people, by RT.

Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician and leader of the anti-immigration Party for Freedom, says European nations lack the kind of leadership he sees in the US and Russia, where the interests of their own people are prioritized. …

Wilders says while he didn’t like a lot of the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he would like to see a nationalist stance like Putin’s in other European nations.

“Vladimir Putin is a leader, whatever you think of him. I criticize a lot of his policies. But I applaud him as I applaud Mr. Trump for being leaders, who are standing there on behalf of the Russian and the American people,” he said. “We lack that kind of leadership in Europe. Europe, being a non-entity, countries combined – almost 30 in our days and still trying to enlarge – where there is a total lack of sense and identity. Therefore I believe Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin are more favorable than our own leaders.”

Wilders is a strong proponent of nationalism and believes the EU has gone a wrong way when it upgraded from an economic union to a political one, stripping national governments of some of their authority. The resulting erosion of control over things like budget or immigration policies to a group of unelected members of the European Commission has proven to be disastrous and a potential existential threat to EU members, he believes. He seeks to steer the Netherlands out of the European Union, the way the UK did with Brexit, but he has yet to win public support for such a dramatic move.

hat-tip Stephen Neil