Snopes Fact Checks, Facebook Threatens Satire Site for Mocking CNN

Snopes Fact Checks, Facebook Threatens Satire Site for Mocking CNN, by John Nolte.

The Christian satire site Babylon Bee has been fact-checked by Snopes and threatened by Facebook after it published an Onion-style article about CNN about purchasing a washing machine to “spin the news.”

The Babylon Bee openly advertises itself as a satire site. Recent headlines include, “Local Pastor Hoping Curling Metaphors Go Over Big This Sunday,” “Nation That Calls Trump ‘Hitler’ Demands He Take All Guns Away,” “Calvinist Dog Corrects Owner: ‘No One Is A Good Boy’,” and “New Exercise Bike Forces You To Watch Christian Movies Until You Hit Your Calories Goal.”

Not only is this fairly anodyne stuff, but as you can see, the Babylon Bee is more than willing to satirize their own among the Faithful.

Naturally, none of this matters to our left-wing tech overlords, who are becoming increasingly desperate to censor free speech coming from conservatives, Christians, and the like.

This time, in order to protect the far-left CNN from ridicule, Snopes and Facebook worked in tandem to teach the Babylon Bee (and all of us) a lesson about mocking your betters. …

How modern leftist censorship works:

In a one-two punch, starting with an overbearing Snopes’ fact check that declared an obvious piece of satire “false,” according to the site’s founder Adam Ford, Facebook used that fact check as a means to lay the groundwork required to forever snuff out the Babylon Bee:

… Some Facebook users who commented on the “washing machine” post said that when they tried to share the satiric article to their own page, “On my feed, following this article, FB posted a ‘fact-checker’ link to Snopes.”

So, for the sin of tweaking CNN, not only is Facebook threatening the Babylon Bee with extinction, but those who share this satire are being flagged as spreaders of fake news.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific, Barry Corke