Lawsuit: YouTube Stopped Hiring White and Asian Males to Improve Diversity

Lawsuit: YouTube Stopped Hiring White and Asian Males to Improve Diversity, by Lucas Nolan.

A new lawsuit alleges that YouTube [which is owned by Google] stopped hiring white and Asian males to technical roles last year as they didn’t help the company improve employee diversity. …

Arne Wilberg worked at Google for 9 years, four of which were spent at YouTube as a recruiter. Wilberg alleges that Google set quotas for the hiring of minorities at the company which resulted in discrimination against white and Asian male employees. Wilberg’s lawsuit claims that YouTube recruiters were told to cancel interviews with applicants that weren’t female, black or Hispanic and to “purge entirely” any applications that did not fit those criteria. …

Wilberg’s lawsuit alleges that he faced discrimination from Google over his sex and race and retaliated against his complaints by firing him, violating antidiscrimination laws in the process. Wilberg claims that he made multiple complaints to managers about YouTube’s hiring process and escalated these complaints to superiors at Google before being fired last November. Wilberg’s lawsuit alleges that in the first quarter of 2016, YouTube recruiters were told that they were expected to hire five new employees each. Each of these new employees allegedly must have been from an underrepresented group, and recruiters used what was known as a “diversity tracker” to keep a count of the number of minorities hired.

Google is racist and sexist. What ever happened to judging people by the content of their character rather than their skin color? So yesterday for the left.

hat-tip Charles