Jordan Peterson explains why boys become school shooters – and it’s not ‘toxic masculinity’

Jordan Peterson explains why boys become school shooters – and it’s not ‘toxic masculinity’. By Dorothy McLean.

“Why are young men shooting up schools?”

That’s the first question Fox News’ Tucker Carlson asked psychologist and free speech phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson in a recent interview.

“Because they’re nihilistic and desperate,” was the academic’s blunt reply.

“Life can make you that way unless you have a purpose and a destiny,” he told Carlson. “There’s no shortage of suffering and malevolence in life, and it’s easy for people to become embittered by that. And if they don’t see a way forward, they get angry about it and turn against life itself.”

“They make a display of their hatred for Being by massacring the innocent. That’s what’s happening — and they write that,” Peterson added, referring to manifestos left behind by a number of young killers.

Echoing other conservatives, Carlson observed that Americans have owned semi-automatic weapons for a hundred years, but only recently have school shootings become such a phenomenon. …

“Speaking of ‘toxic masculinity,’” said Carlson, “why is it all boys [who commit school shootings]?”

“Well, boys are more aggressive than girls,” Peterson explained. “There’s a biological component to that that’s quite strong. That’s why the vast majority of people in prison are male.”

He observed that although the average man and woman are almost equally aggressive, the most aggressive people are “virtually all men.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil