Does Concern For Boys Put You In the Alt-Right?

Does Concern For Boys Put You In the Alt-Right? By Mark Sherman. Of course — any departure from the PC narrative makes you Alt-Right. Welcome to the thought criminals.

Quoting a report by researchers Alice Marwick and Rebecca Lewis, [Steve Coll in the New Yorker] describes the alt-right as best understood as “‘an amalgam of conspiracy theorists, techno-libertarians, white nationalists, Men’s Rights advocates, trolls, anti-feminists, anti-immigration activists, and bored young people.’” …

Concern for men — and by extension, boys — is primarily expressed on the conservative side, and now even the alt-right. …

The [report’s] title is “Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online,” and the subtitle says, “The spread of false or misleading information is having real and negative effects on the public consumption of news.”

It turns out that people concerned about men — and to me that always means boys too — were not directly lumped in with the alt-right; but they were in the same section of the report, which was titled “Hate Groups and Idealogues.” The report says of Men’s Rights advocates (MRAs) that “their central belief is that men and boys in the Western world are at risk or marginalized, and in need of defense. Most Men’s Rights Activists try to gain recognition for this cause and campaign for Men’s Rights in areas such as family law, parenting, reproduction, compulsory military service, and education.”

The progressive author is a psychology professor with three sons, who is rather perturbed by being labeled as on the alt-right by the thought-leaders on his side:

Incidentally, I am a liberal, who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 and then voted for Hillary Clinton. Warren Farrell is a liberal as well, who supported Clinton right from the start. We both have a very hard time feeling good about how boys (and fathers) are seen by our fellow liberals these days.

Feminists are very influential on the left, so the left has become anti-male. The left cannot get away fast enough from its past concern for the working man.