An American Coup D’état

An American Coup D’état, by the staff at

The story of our time is the coup d’état that is being planned in this country. Sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it?

In most countries, coup d’états happen when the military tries to overthrow the government. The United States military would never do that… but the national media certainly would.

With so many citizens refusing to pay attention to their country, the media is trying hard to influence policy rather than report facts. The mission of the press has largely shifted into liberal advocacy and a hatred toward conservative, traditional Americans.

If you visit political websites on the net — always risky if you care about truth — you will notice article after article based on anonymous sources. Accusations have become convictions, fodder for late night comedians and cable news yakkers.

It’s a vicious, corrupt system that has taken deep root in our political landscape. Well known newspapers and television networks are also doing it — especially to the Trump White House.

More often than not, these stories develop into a get-Trump jihad. Accusations — not facts — are being used to destroy the Trump administration. This is a coup by the news media. And at this point, there’s no way to stop it.

The media is rooting for the Democrats, and right now, I do not believe the Democrats want to know the truth.

The party is hoping that it will win the House next November and that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will accuse Mr. Trump of some wrongdoing.

If both of those things happen, articles of Impeachment will be drawn up in the House in early 2019.

O’Reilly isn’t usually this out there … Is the left really this desperate? Can Trump really thwart permanent leftist government on the back of demographic change that relegates whites to a minority?

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific