The Eternal Lure of Nationalism

The Eternal Lure of Nationalism, by Pat Buchanan.

Western elites may deplore the return of nationalism. But they had best not dismiss it, for assertions of national and tribal identity appear to be what the future is going to be all about.

The most unifying stand of [Le Pen’s National Front] appears to be “Let France be France!” The French people do not want their country invaded by unassimilable millions of migrants from Africa and the Islamic world. They want France to remain what she has been. …

In Hungary and Poland, ethnonationalism, the belief that nation-states are created and best suited to protect and defend a separate and unique people with their separate and unique histories and cultures is already ascendant.

Globalists may see the UN, EU, NAFTA, and TPP as stepping stones to a “universal nation” of all races, tribes, cultures, and creeds. But growing numbers in every country, on every continent, reject this vision. And they are seeking to restore what their parents and grandparents had, a nation-state that is all their own. …

Looking back over this 21st century, the transnational elite that envisions the endless erosion of national sovereignty and the coming of a new world order of open borders, free trade, and global custody of mankind’s destiny, has triggered a counter-revolution.

Does anyone think Angela Merkel is the future? …

Now that George W. Bush’s crusade for democracy has ended up like Peter the Hermit’s Children’s Crusade, what is the vision? What is the historic goal our elites offer to inspire and enlist our people?

hat-tip Stephen Neil