When Men Lose, Women Lose Too

When Men Lose, Women Lose Too, by Suzanne Venker.

Tucker’s opening monologue of his final “Men in America” episode is pretty good:

My husband and I have a college-bound daughter and a son who has just begun high school. Like most parents, we want our children to get an education, to find work they enjoy, and to get married and have families of their own. Now, let’s flesh out what’s likely to happen given the culture we live in today.

Both our son and our daughter are A students. Our daughter was recently awarded a full scholarship to a private co-ed institution, and being a girl didn’t hurt. There is boundless support and camaraderie today for women and girls. But our son, despite being a good student, may very well be penalized for being a white male. We have friends with sons to whom this has already happened.

Either way, women becoming more successful than men is nothing to celebrate. What do you think happens to relationships in which the men flounder but the women don’t? They end up in the trash — that’s what happens.

Let me tell you about Lynn. Lynn has a college degree but married a man who does not. He was a retail store manager when they met but fancied himself a professional race car driver and snowboarder.

Lynn has worked full-time, nonstop for the 14 years they’ve been together. (They’ve been married for eight of those years and have two children together.) Her husband has worked far less consistently and with bouts of unemployment. He does, on occasion, take care of the children while Lynn works; but Lynn has found the overall marital dynamic to be nothing short of a nightmare.

Her respect and sexual desire for her husband has waned considerably, for one thing; and their current arrangement is not what she envisioned for them. It happened solely as a result of her husband’s retreat from the professional world. …

The smarter and richer women are, they smarter and richer they want their man to be. But men are in the process of becoming less smart and less rich. This does not bode well for the future of love, families and society.

As for Lynn, you might wonder why she married her husband in the first place. But that’s my point: At the rate we’re going, more and more women will have no other alternative but to marry a man like him.

Either that or be smart, rich, and alone with a house full of cats.

Cheating? We’re not new to it

Cheating? We’re not new to it. By Simon McLoughlin.

As with almost everything in sport, the Americans did it first.

Joe Niekro was a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins in the 1980s, noted for his knuckleball, a notoriously difficult delivery for which the player grips the baseball with his thumb and the fingertips of his index and middle fingers.

The knuckleball wobbles unpredictably in the air: hard to hit, even harder to throw.

In 1987 Niekro, by now a 42-year-old in the twilight of a decorated career, was pitching against the California Angels and his knuckleball was singing. So much so that home plate umpire Tim Tschida suspected something was afoot.

“The balls were defaced and scuffed in the same spot by something that couldn’t be done by hands,” Tschida told Minnesota’s Star Tribune.

Tschida confronted Niekro on the mound and told him to hand over his glove, suspecting he was hiding something in it. There was nothing. Then Tschida’s fellow umpires descended on the mound and told Niekro to empty his pockets. The front pockets were empty but from the back pockets emerged an emery board and a piece of sandpaper.

Caught red-handed. …

David Warner, 2013

It’s not so long ago that it was all but a free-for-all. Does Australia = cheats. Or is the equation merely Australia = incompetent at cheating?

Evidence for the latter comes from Marcus Trescothick’s 2008 autobiography Coming Back to Me, in which he brags about his role in England’s series-winning reverse swing tactics.

“I was firmly established as the man in charge of looking after the ball when we were fielding,” he wrote. “It had been common knowledge in county cricket for some time that certain sweets produced saliva which, when applied to the ball for cleaning purposes, enabled it to keep its shine for longer and therefore its swing.”

Trescothick thought he’d been sprung during the Headlingley Test. “As I dived to gather the ball at square leg, I landed on my side and a shower of Murray Mints spewed out of my trouser pocket all over the grass right in front of the umpire,” he wrote. “Fortunately, neither he nor the two batsmen seemed to take much notice as I scrambled around on all fours trying desperately to gather in the sweets before they started asking awkward questions.” Where was Fanie de Villiers then?

England won that series 2-1. Reverse swing (and Glenn McGrath stepping on a ball before the second Test) were seen as the decisive factors.

The England players, including Trescothick, all got OBEs. …

In 1990, gentle medium pacer [New Zealander] Chris Pringle took a career-best 11 wickets for 152 runs in Pakistan on a batsman-friendly wicket. He later revealed he’d used a bottle top to scratch the ball.

His captain Martin Crowe defended his bowler’s actions by saying they were just trying to keep up with the Pakistanis, who had been infamous for their use of bottle tops.

Pringle’s punishment? Nothing. Right place, right time.

Harvard Alters School Song Due To Diversity Concerns

Harvard Alters School Song Due To Diversity Concerns, by Olivia Scott.

The lyrics, which previously read “till the stock of the Puritans die,” will now read “till the stars in the firmament die.” “Fair Harvard,” written in 1836, has only been altered once before in its history.

In 1998, the word “sons” was replaced with the word “we” to address concerns of gender inclusivity.

It doesn’t alter the past, which is what they really want to do.

When merit-based hiring is deemed racist, bridges fall down

When merit-based hiring is deemed racist, bridges fall down, by Ilana Mercer.

As individuals, we want the best doctors treating and operating on us, the best pilots flying the airplanes we board, the best engineers designing the bridges we cross, the best scientists inventing and bringing to market the medicines and potions we ingest.

Yet the American Idiocracy is moving to equate merit-based institutions with institutionalized racism.

Tucker Carlson, likely the only merit-based hiree at Fox News, recently divulged that a member of the Trump administration was overheard (by a thought-police plant) expressing a preference for merit-based recruits for his department.

Egad, and what next!

Google, a tool of the Idiocracy, appears to have scrubbed its search of this latest episode in “The Closing of the American Mind.” However, it’s no secret that the education system already excludes the most naturally gifted, independent-minded individuals from fields in which they’d excel.

Race preferences notwithstanding, requirements for social activism of the right kind, for volunteerism and worldviews of the left kind, for working exclusively toward the best grades: These are things girls do better than boys.

In any event, when the best-person-for-the-job ethos gives way to racial and gender window dressing and to the enforcement of politically pleasing perspectives, things start to fall apart.

A spanking new bridge collapses, new trains on maiden trips derail, Navy ships keep colliding, police and FBI failure and bad faith become endemic, and the protocols put in place by a government “for the people” protect offending public servants who’ve acted against the people.

As in this writer’s birth place of South Africa, the U.S. government has a pyramid of hiring preferences. Guess which variables feature prominently in its considerations: Complexion or competency?

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

Siege in Gaza: Twelve killed by Israeli forces, 370 injured and DRONES drop tear gas on thousands of Palestinians as they swarm the border, burn photos of Trump, and vow to protest for weeks until US embassy moves to Jerusalem

Siege in Gaza: Twelve killed by Israeli forces, 370 injured and DRONES drop tear gas on thousands of Palestinians as they swarm the border, burn photos of Trump, and vow to protest for weeks until US embassy moves to Jerusalem, by Sara Malm.

At least 12 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds hurt during one of the largest Palestinian demonstrations along the Israel-Gaza border in recent years.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians, pressing for a right of return for refugees to what is now Israel, gathered at five locations along the fenced 40-mile frontier where tents were erected for a planned six-week protest, local officials said.

Demonstrators were also seen burning and stamping on posters with the face of U.S. President Donald Trump, who ordered the US embassy in Israel moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The protesters have vowed to remain at the border until the embassy moves to Jerusalem on May 14.

The Israeli military estimated there were 30,000 demonstrators and used a drone to drop tear gas on the massive crowds. …

Families brought their children to the encampments just a few hundred yards from the Israeli security barrier with the Hamas Islamist-run enclave and football fields were marked in the sand and scout bands played.

But as the day wore on, hundreds of Palestinian youths ignored calls from the organisers and the Israeli military to stay away from the frontier, where Israeli soldiers across the border kept watch from dirt mound embankments. …

The six-week protest has prompted the Israeli army to deploy reinforcements, including more than 100 special forces snipers, for fear of mass attempts to break through the security fence.

The Israeli military said thousands of Palestinians rolled burning tyres and threw stones at forces stationed on the border. It said troops opened fire at the ‘main instigators’. …

According to the United Nations, some 1.3million of Gaza’s 2million residents are refugees or their descendants and ‘The Great March of Return calls for them to be allowed to return to land that is now Israel.

In 1948 when Israel was formed, the number of Arab refugees from Israel about matched the number of Jews expelled from Arab countries. Israel took in the Jewish refugees, and they become normal Israeli citizens.

The Arabs however refused to take in the Arab refugees, preferring instead to keep them in concentration camps along the border. They, or rather their descendants, are still there. The Arab strategy is to use them to keep up the political pressure on the existence of Israel. The people of the West Bank and Gaza have no purpose except to destroy Israel, and the Arab countries will not let them go until they destroy Israel.

Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz showered with fan mail of a romantic or sexual nature, donations

Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz showered with fan mail of a romantic or sexual nature, donations, by Gregg Re.

Lovestruck groupies from around the country are showering the Parkland, Fla., gunman Nikolas Cruz with fan mail, including sexually provocative photos and donations, according to a Wednesday report.

One 18-year-old from Texas purportedly professed her love to Cruz in a March 15 letter adorned with smiley faces and hand-drawn hearts, South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel reported.

“When I saw your picture on the television, something attracted me to you,” the letter said. “Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome.”

The missive flatly concludes: “I’m really skinny and have 34C sized breasts.”

Another Texas woman reportedly sent a bizzare handwritten love note less than a week after Cruz gunned down 17 people Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“I reserve the right to care about you, Nikolas!” read the unsolicited declaration.

A Chicago woman reportedly sent Cruz numerous suggestive photos, including one in which she slurps a Popsicle while wearing a bikini, and another in which she shows off her backside for the camera.

Before the shooting, he got no attention at all from women.

This says something profound but deeply politically incorrect about the nature of some women.

Canadians’ love affair with Justin Trudeau is over

Canadians’ love affair with Justin Trudeau is over, by Alan Freeman.

“All of a sudden, we saw this drop,” said David Coletto, chief executive of Abacus Data, an Ottawa polling firm, referring to his company’s latest poll, completed in early March. “It’s the first time since Trudeau became prime minister that we have results showing the Conservatives slightly ahead.”

Despite all his wacky ideas and progressive policies, this seems to be the event that did it:

Some observers say it’s just a question of midterm blues, with a Canadian election not scheduled until the fall of 2019. But the real culprit seems to have been Trudeau’s visit to India in February. During the week-long trip, Trudeau was widely mocked for wearing traditional Indian garb as he crossed India with his wife and three children.

For voters who had welcomed Trudeau’s global status as a progressive political leader and proud international standard-bearer for Canada, the images of Trudeau in brash Bollywood outfits at well-known sightseeing spots were a serious comedown.

“When you have foreign media like CNN and BBC making fun of our prime minister, that was jarring for some people and made people question whether he was the best person for the job,” Coletto said.

Mockery and derision is the most effective antidote to PC pretensions.

Women have always been partial to Trudeau, not just for his movie-star looks but also his progressive social policies and his self-description as a feminist. Nanos said this divide grew more sharply as he continued to push a pro-feminist agenda, with Trudeau having lost about one-third of his male support since 2015.

“He’s been very gender-focused,” Nanos said. “When you focus so much on gender, it means that other voters, i.e. men, aren’t as important.”

Facebook says you own your information on Facebook

Facebook says you own your information on Facebook.

Facebook makes its revenue by selling targeted advertisements, using information it obtained from you — “by radically invading your privacy including in places you cannot give consent such as every single web page anywhere that has one of their “like” or “sign-on” buttons.”

Zuckerberg says you “own” the Facebook content. But it is Facebook that profits by using it, and you don’t get a cut. Facebook is worth US$464 billion, which is about seven times the market cap of Australia’s largest company, BHP.

They effectively sell information “derived from” your information to advertisers, because they use your information to find out what you are interested in. A fine distinction.

Partisan Divide Grows Over Global Warming

Partisan Divide Grows Over Global Warming, by Megan Brenan.

Gallup’s annual survey about the environment, conducted March 1-8, found that Americans’ opinions about global warming, like many other issues, have increasingly become politically polarized.

President Donald Trump, who has called global warming a “hoax,” may have contributed to this widening divide by reversing a number of government actions to address the issue. … In general, Democrats view global warming seriously, while Republicans view it skeptically.

Pope Francis: ‘There Is No Hell’

Pope Francis: ‘There Is No Hell’, by Michael Chapman.

In another interview with his longtime atheist friend, Eugenio Scalfari, Pope Francis claims that Hell does not exist and that condemned souls just “disappear.” This is a denial of the 2,000-year-old teaching of the Catholic Church about the reality of Hell and the eternal existence of the soul.

Is the Pope Catholic? Maybe not this one.

Perhaps a moral revolution is afoot, returning the West to the situation more like that existed before 30 AD — where might makes right, anything goes if you can get away with it because there is no reckoning in an afterlife, sexual restraint is for losers, and individual rights are ignored in favor of group interests.

hat-tip Charles

Trump’s Tariffs Apparently Having the Desired Effect

Trump’s Tariffs Apparently Having the Desired Effect, by Susan Jones.

“Wow,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tweeted on Tuesday morning. “I guess the moves made by @realDonaldTrump on trade did not trigger the apocalypse after all. Read: #SouthKorea agrees to open auto market in return for exemption from steel tariffs.”

Rubio referenced a Washington Post report that says South Korea has agreed to further open its auto market to U.S. manufacturers, and it has accepted an annual export quota on steel.

The limit on South Korean steel exports is set at 70 percent of average sales over the past three years, and that amount would be exempt from tariffs. …

President Trump tweeted on Monday: “Trade talks going on with numerous countries that, for many years, have not treated the United States fairly. In the end, all will be happy!”

Ever Seen A Bubble Slowly Hiss Away?

Ever Seen A Bubble Slowly Hiss Away? By Karl Denninger.

Back in the 1990s, during the dot-com bubble, the global economy depended on the US stock market and the US stock market depended on about ten Internet stocks with negative aggregate earnings. It all fell over in the tech-wreck of 2000.

Today, a similar situation exists. Markets index gains have a huge reliance on the so-called FANG stocks — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google — and the other six stocks in the so-called FANG+ stock index — which includes Tesla, Alibaba, and Microsoft. For instance, to March 12, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet  accounted for 45% of the S&P 500’s year-to-date gain.

None of the so-called “growth” in those stocks has been real.

Tesla, for example, has never turned a profit, even on paper.

Amazon has never turned a material profit and only exists due to what looks like blatantly-illegal (under anti-trust law) cross-subsidization.

Netflix has negative free cash flow, which means that while on a GAAP basis they have made a “profit” they do so by assuming their “shows” have recurring residual value post-release, which anyone who has ever sold anything on a royalty basis knows is total and complete crap; nearly all of your money is made in the first cycle (for a book in the months after release, for a TV series the first showing of same, etc.)

And finally, Facebook and other “social media” companies only “make money” by radically invading your privacy including in places you cannot give consent such as every single web page anywhere that has one of their “like” or “sign-on” buttons. Without such data their so-called “enterprise” is worth zero as the cost of operating it exceeds the ad revenue they can gain from doing so.

So what we have is an outrageous bubble — exactly as we did in 1999. The market callers all say it’s different this time because these firms that lead have “real earnings” or can “crank up earnings any time they want (Amazon).” This is a damnable lie; not only are the earnings not real in that they’re taken through gross deception and accounting tricks.

Amazon, in particular, has been said to be “able” to crank those earnings “at any time” and yet over the last decade it never has — not even once. Why not? Because it can’t, that’s why. The day it does is the day its pricing is no longer supported by acts that anti-trust explicitly banned over 100 years ago and what remains makes a loss on every product sold net-net and thus the company collapses.

Note that I’m not saying these firms have “less value” should they cut that crap out, either voluntarily or by government force.

I’m saying they’re all functionally bankrupt immediately and soon will be factually as they cannot make an actual profit from operations without the schemes that no law-abiding society should permit and no matter how much cash you start with if you spend more than you make eventually you run out of said cash.

That is, the NPV of these enterprises under any rational accounting basis is negative and thus the equity is worth zero.

Time will tell, but I would guess there will be some resolution of this anomaly by the end of the year. Mr Trump has stopped boasting about stock price gains.

Oxford men guilty of sexual exploitation ‘on a massive scale’

Oxford men guilty of sexual exploitation ‘on a massive scale’, by the BBC.

(Top L-R) Khalid Hussain, Alladitta Yousaf, Kameer Iqbal, Assad Hussain (Bottom L-R) Raheem Ahmed, Moinul Islam, Kamran Khan. Photo from Thames Valley Police, via the BBC.

Seven men have been found guilty of grooming and sexually abusing teenage girls “on a massive scale” in Oxford.

The gang was convicted of more than 20 offences including rape and indecent assault between 1998 and 2005.

Prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC said they carried out the “routine, cynical and predatory sexual exploitation” of vulnerable girls who were groomed with alcohol and drugs. …

[Mr Saxby] said the girls would be made to have sex at parties, in cars or parks, with other men around, and sometimes after being subjected to threats and violence.

One girl was taken to a B&B in Iffley Road and told to have sex with older men, who one of the defendants described as “uncles”, he said.

Mr Saxby added: “She says she has lost count of the number of ‘uncles’ she had sex with… After sex she would sit in the shower and scrub herself.”

Rotherham, Telford, Rochedale, Peterborough, Newcastle, Newham, Oxford, …

A civilization that does not protect its young women will die.

Easy Meat – Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal, by Peter McLoughlin, is a recent book of meticulous research on the Islamic gangs in Britain that groomed and raped young girls for decades. It found that 100,000 to 1 million girl’s lives have been shattered.

It bears repeating: Surely the worst scandal ever in the UK. Who invited millions of adherents of seventh century Arabic ideology to the UK from the backwoods of Pakistan, housed and fed them, then allowed them to ravage the UK’s young women unchecked for decades? Why isn’t the media all over this?

Because this crime was committed by the politically correct, for the politically correct:

The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

Former PM Tony Blair, July 21 2007

He said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to “open up the UK to mass migration” but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its “core working class vote”.

Robert Spencer:

It was the same story all over Britain: police and other authorities wouldn’t take action against the Muslim rape gangs because they feared being tarred as “racist” and “Islamophobic.” Those who did dare to speak out were demonized in the same way. Labour Shadow Minister Sarah Champion had to apologize and resign after she pointed out, correctly, that the rape gangs were made up of Pakistani men and their victims were all young British girls.

No one at all in Britain dares to discuss the fact that the rape gangs are made up of Muslims whose preying on non-Muslim girls is in accord with Qur’anic teaching regarding the permissibility of taking non-Muslim women as sex slaves.

The BBC’s shameful silence on the Telford sex scandal

The BBC’s shameful silence on the Telford sex scandal, by Douglas Murray.

The front page of yesterday’s Sunday Mirror read ‘Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED.’ Like the scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxfordshire and a growing list of other places, it seems that the victims are, once again, white British girls and the perpetrators men of ‘Asian’ background. Of course while in most other situations the word ‘Asian’ means ‘Asian’, for these purposes ‘Asian’ means ‘men of Muslim background, mainly Pakistani’. …

We once again learn how, over the course of four decades, every arm of the state – including council staff, social workers and the police – allowed the mass gang-rape of children to go on in their town. …

When the story broke yesterday it was covered across a range of other papers, including in all of the Mirror’s competitors. But the story clearly sent the BBC into a panic. As Ed West pointed out on Twitter, this morning the story was not even on the front page of the BBC’s website …

You might look at that and think ‘Well, there’s a hell of a lot going on in the world at the moment that may take priority’. Like that disturbance at the final of the Crufts dog-show. And that story about an ex-footballer spitting at a woman in her car. What chance does the rape of 1,000 young girls have beside such competition? …

In fact, the mass gang-rape of underage girls in Shropshire didn’t even make it to the homepage of BBC Shropshire. Only after a fair amount of comment about this online did the BBC manage, this afternoon, to squeeze the rape of the area’s kids into their round-up of Shropshire news. …

That ‘My Telford’ could have been a really interesting and important video. Or it would have been if every single arm of the state plus the official state broadcaster hadn’t already decided that the children of Telford being gang-raped on an industrial scale (Telford is a town of just 170,000 people) is one big yawn-fest. Or that they basically agree with the very basic Labour MP Naz Shah who last year revealed her own opinions about all this when she re-Tweeted a (satirical) Tweet suggesting that the victims of the Rotherham sex abuse scandal should ‘shut their mouths. For the good of #diversity.’

‘I will never be able to have sex again. Ever’

‘I will never be able to have sex again. Ever’, by Jill Stark.

HE WILL never forget the noise. Lying on the hospital trolley being pushed towards the operating theatre, he heard nothing but a primal wail. He looked back to see his younger sister sobbing, traumatised by the enormity of what he was about to do.

Andrew*, born male, was minutes away from an operation that would make him a woman. Psychiatrists said he had a female brain in a male body. Gender reassignment surgery was the only way to ease the mental torment he’d endured since adolescence.

But as the wheels squeaked towards the operating table he was struck by an unshakeable thought: “It’s not right.” He remembers telling the surgeon: “I think I’m doing the wrong thing, it’s not right, I think we’ve got to stop it.”

The surgeon stroked Andrew’s face, telling him it was natural to feel frightened before an operation. He protested again, insisting it felt wrong. Then it went black. When he woke up he was sure the surgery had been cancelled. The romantic tales he’d read of transsexuals who awoke post-surgery feeling “reborn” convinced Andrew the operation had been halted, because he felt no different.

“Then I remember lifting up the sheets and putting my hand down and feeling it all bandaged and packed. I just started bawling my eyes out and screaming ? I remember saying to myself, you f–king idiot, Andrew, how could you be so bloody stupid?”

Twenty years after surgery that left him feeling like a “desexed dog”, the grief can still overwhelm him. Now 42, Andrew tells The Sunday Age the operation he had as a confused 21-year-old has shattered him. …

Silent tears fall as he describes the anger he felt towards the doctors who led him down this path. But most of all at himself for believing them.

Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: Facebook Able to Listen to You at Home and Work

Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: Facebook Able to Listen to You at Home and Work, by Paula Bolyard.

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christoper Wylie, appearing before a committee of British MPs on Tuesday, said that Facebook has the ability to spy on users in their homes and offices. …

“On a comment about using audio and processing audio, you can use it for, my understanding generally of how companies use it… not just Facebook, but generally other apps that pull audio, is for environmental context,” Wylie said. “So if, for example, you have a television playing versus if you’re in a busy place with a lot of people talking versus a work environment.” He clarified, “It’s not to say they’re listening to what you’re saying. It’s not natural language processing. That would be hard to scale. But to understand the environmental context of where you are to improve the contextual value of the ad itself” is possible.

Wylie continued: “There’s audio that could be useful just in terms of are you in an office environment, are you outside, are you watching TV?”

Facebook has long denied allegations that its app listens in on users in order to customize ads.

White South African estate agent jailed for racist abuse

White South African estate agent jailed for racist abuse, by the BBC.

A former estate agent in South Africa has been jailed for racist abuse in what has been called a landmark ruling.

A court jailed Vicky Momberg for three years, with one year suspended, for using a derogatory word against a black police officer 48 times.

Her lawyer said she was not in a normal state at the time, as she had just been the victim of a smash-and-grab robbery.

Handing down her ruling, magistrate Pravina Raghoonandan said some may think the sentence was harsh but it was intended to signal that racism will not be tolerated in South Africa.

What a joke. Malema talks of ‘Cutting the Throat of Whiteness’ and the possibility of genocide of whites. Former President Zuma sings of ‘Kill the Boer, kill the farmer’. Oppression of white Africans is well advanced. It’s all one-way traffic as tribalism wins out.

It’s Global Hypocrisy. It’s rising everywhere. Civilization is being washed away by a tsunami of cant. We must have a hypocrisy tax to save us.

hat-tip Stephen Neil,  Philip Barton

Asking U.S. Residents If They’re American Citizens Is a ‘White Supremacist Agenda’

Asking U.S. Residents If They’re American Citizens Is a ‘White Supremacist Agenda’. By John Binder.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the latest left-wing organization to lambast the Commerce Department’s decision to begin asking United States residents on the 2020 Census if they are American citizens.

This week, President Trump’s administration announced in a historic decision that it would put the citizenship question back on the U.S. Census — a question that has not been included since 1950 — a move that will provide Americans with more accurate data on unemployment, the number of citizens in the country, and a better look into the foreign-born population.

If not, does citizenship mean anything? Oh, it’s about votes for the left:

The open borders lobby, though, is blasting the decision, as it threatens states with large illegal alien populations like California, New York, and Florida. Those states are at risk of losing congressional seats if redistricting is based upon counting citizens rather than the current model, which counts all residents, including illegal aliens.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Australia Ready on ‘Brexit Day One’ to Begin Work on New UK Trade Deal

Australia Ready on ‘Brexit Day One’ to Begin Work on New UK Trade Deal, by Simon Kent.

Australia wants to begin negotiating a new trade deal with the UK on “day one” of Brexit next year and put it into effect on January 1, 2021.

Australia’s Trade Minister Steve Ciobo gave that assurance during a speech delivered in London as he called for Britain to start formal trade talks with Australia on March 30, 2019 — the same day Brexit officially starts.

Mr. Ciabo paid tribute to the enduring bonds between Australia and the UK while applauding the fact that Brexit would enable the UK to do business as a “sovereign, open and free” nation.

“The Australia-UK trading relationship took a big hit when the UK joined the European Community — especially our agricultural exports,” the trade chief said.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

Man legally changes his gender to identify as a woman ‘so he can retire five years earlier’ in Argentina

Man legally changes his gender to identify as a woman ‘so he can retire five years earlier’ in Argentina, by Chris Pleasance.

An Argentinian tax worker who changed his gender on official documents after claiming to identify as female actually did it in order to retire earlier, a relative says. …

The relative told Informate Salta: ‘His conviction is that it is unfair that, because he is a man, he has to work five years more than a woman. …

Argentinian law allows any person to change their gender on identity documents to match their self-perception, without having to provide evidence of hormone treatment or gender reassignment surgery. …

Sergia has been in multiple heterosexual relationships including with the mother of her two children to whom she was married for 25 years.

She has never expressed an interest in men, and continued dating women even after registering for the change, the relative said.

Confronted by the statement, Sergia accused newspapers of printing lies and said the decision to change genders was personal.

‘The motivations are mine and I do not have to explain anything to anyone,’ he told the El Tribuno newspaper.

Ha ha ha. Sexist retirement rules anyway.

hat-tip byrmol