View from the left: Trump Is Winning — are you sick and tired of it yet?

View from the left: Trump Is Winning — are you sick and tired of it yet? By Alex Brandon at Politico, trying to talk some reality into his leftist readers.

Donald Trump is on track to win reelection to the presidency of the United States.

Yes, despite Russiagate, despite shitholegate and despite whatever gate he blunders through next. Despite approval ratings that would make Nixon weep. Despite his mind-numbing political misjudgments — defending accused pedophiles, for example — and the endless, unnecessary daily drama. Trump is winning. It is actually happening, people. And if there are those who want to stop it — and there are, of course, millions — they need to know what they are up against. It’s a lot more than they overconfidently think. …

Consider Trump’s record as president. He actually has something to run on. He’s cut taxes. He’s rolled back regulations. He’s put ISIS on its heels. The economy and the stock market are humming along again, despite recent turmoil. Any other Republican incumbent running on that record of relative peace and prosperity — just as Eisenhower and Reagan did — would be in pretty good shape for reelection. Trump, as loathed as he is, might not cruise to reelection on an electoral landslide like those predecessors. But if jobs continue to be created and the economy continues to hum, whether he deserves the credit or not, enough voters might just hold their nose again and vote for him.

Still living in the fantasy world though. Trump unpopular? Maybe with you and your friends Alex, but Trump is running at 49% approve, 49% disapprove in the latest Rasmussen poll. That’s 5% better than Obama at the same stage, and I don’t recall anyone in the media saying Obama was “loathed”.

One big difference is that most people like Trump’s tax cuts, but disliked Obama’s health care changes. In both cases the media gave a very misleading impression, and people only learned the truth after these changes actually hit their budgets. Most like the tax cuts (bigger than told) and hated the health care changes (premiums went up more than they were told).

Italy is seething with anger over the immigrant murder and dismemberment of an 18-year-old girl

Italy is seething with anger over the immigrant murder and dismemberment of an 18-year-old girl, by Robert Hardman.

Flowers are still arriving at the roadside for Pamela Mastropietro. It is just over two weeks since this troubled blonde 18-year-old went missing here [in Macerata], only to resurface in a pair of suitcases left in a ditch.

No sooner was an illegal immigrant arrested for her killing than a local neo-fascist took it upon himself to drive around town in broad daylight shooting anyone who looked vaguely foreign.

Six African migrants were injured — though no one has left any flowers for them.

Several arrests and the arrival of one of the country’s top police officers here have done little to calm the mood.

Troubling questions continue to emerge. Why are some of the girl’s body parts allegedly missing? And why was the suspected murderer here in Macerata at all, having had all his claims for asylum rejected?  …

Elections soon:

The EU’s failed migration policies and the arrival of hundreds of thousands of African migrants on the Italian coast had already made immigration one of the two big issues in the election on March 4. The other is Italy’s dismal economy, currently buried under £2 trillion of national debt.

Macerata has raised the stakes even higher.

Most Italians I meet blame their politicians for ineptitude and the EU for abandoning them. They are in a vengeful mood. …

The two front-runners are the ‘anti-politics’ Eurosceptic Five Star Movement, founded by an anarchic comedian, but now led by a nervous young man in a suit. On the other side is a Eurosceptic, Right-wing coalition led by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. …

As for the Left, things are looking bleak. Italy’s centre-Left Democratic Party (PD) is the only one sharing the vision of ever-closer European union peddled by France’s Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel. But Italians want less Europe, not more. …

There is, though, little appetite for a Brexit-style break with Europe — there will be no ‘Quitaly’ just yet — largely because the country could not stand the economic shock.

But Brussels is viewed with utter contempt.

Here in Macerata, 150 miles north of Rome, I find zero appetite for greater European integration — and this is a Left-wing university town.

Not any more. Even the liberals talk like Ukip, while those on the Right talk of mass deportations. Every conversation involves the phrase: ‘I’m not racist but . . .’

‘The Bush Party Has Become a Trump Party’ on Immigration, Trade, Staying Out of Foreign Wars

‘The Bush Party Has Become a Trump Party’ on Immigration, Trade, Staying Out of Foreign Wars, by John Binder.

Populist conservative icon Pat Buchanan has declared victory within the Republican Party, saying “The Bush party has become a Trump party” on the key issues of immigration, trade, and staying out of foreign wars.

During the weekly show The McLaughlin Group, Buchanan — a pioneer of the economic nationalist movement — said the war within the “conservative movement” was “over,” saying President Trump’s agenda of economic nationalism has finally beat out decades of free trade, open borders, and global interventionist dogma favored by the Republican establishment and neoconservative wing of the party.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Police ‘Don’t Know’ Why Rape Is Up 20 Per Cent in Sadiq Khan’s London

Police ‘Don’t Know’ Why Rape Is Up 20 Per Cent in Sadiq Khan’s London, by Jack Montgomery.

Rapes are soaring in Britain’s multicultural capital under Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan — but police claim they have no idea what could be behind the increase.

7,613 rapes were recorded in Sadiq Khan’s London in the 12 months to the end of January 2018, compared with 6,392 over the previous year — a rise of almost 20 per cent, the Evening Standard reports.

Some have attempted to attribute the rise to victims being more confident in coming forward, but Khan’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden, has admitted that the figures could point to a legitimate “increase in actual sexual violence and rape offending”.

Deputy Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police force Sir Craig Mackey, too, has confessed that “there is something going on with sexual offending in London” — but claimed to be none the wiser when asked at the London Assembly if he could explain what was behind the rise. …

Clueless. Blinded by PC.

Commissioner Dick appeared unwilling to accept that there was any racial or cultural angle to the fact that some 84 per cent of groomers have turned out to be Muslims of South Asian extraction, and their victims overwhelmingly non-Muslim — prompting fears that the authorities are still bound by the same politically correct dogma which stopped crimes from being investigated in cities like Rotherham and Rochdale for years.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Help! Facebook Is Censoring Bible Verses

Help! Facebook Is Censoring Bible Verses. By Julio Severo.

Facebook gave me a message on February 15, 2018:

We Removed Something You Posted

It looks like something you posted doesn’t follow our Community Standards. We remove posts that attack people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender or disability.

Levítico 18.22:

Não de deitarás com homem, como se fosse mulher; abominação é.

The [bolded] concluding text, which is in Portuguese, was targeted and removed by Facebook. This post had been originally published by me on June 2015 on my Facebook account and its translation into English is:

Leviticus 18:22:

You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.

Willing or not willing, Facebook treated Leviticus 18:22 directly as a “attack” on “people based on their… sexual orientation, gender.”

That is, Facebook treated the Bible as a criminal book! …

Leviticus 18:22 is famous not only among Christians, but also among Jews. In fact, this verse was firstly written and addressed to the Jewish people. By the way, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a Jewish American. Does he approve what his company has done against the Jewish Scriptures? Is he aware of what his company is doing against the Jewish Scriptures? Or does he think that Facebook is now bigger, greater and more important than the holy Jewish and Christian Scriptures? …

George Washington, the first U.S. president, said, “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” Would Zuckerberg and his company remove his Bible posts if he had a Facebook account?

The bible is the foundational text for western civilization. Now it’s hate speech? Who is Facebook to censor the bible?

Florida Gun Show Witnesses Record Attendance amid Dem Gun Control Push

Florida Gun Show Witnesses Record Attendance amid Dem Gun Control Push. Comments by Scott of the Pacific:

Happens every time the US Government rings the alarmism bell over guns. Under Obama, the US had RECORD gun sales.

The fools don’’t realise this is about the citizenry being armed in case Presidents like “Chairman Obama” were to try and confiscate them.

James Madison — along with Thomas Jefferson, a key author of the US Constitution — was terribly worried about two things:

  1. That tyranical Kings like George the 3rd would try and disarm the citizenry and impose their will.
  2. A military coup.

I believe our military wouldn’t participate in anything of the sort in this day and age. But look what Obama did. Erdogan in Turkey manufactured a “coup” to purge his ranks of non compliant sycophants, where as Obama just fired them. Just another lubrication of the “slippery slope” to tyranny.

Over the years of the Obama administration, he replaced competent senior officers with politicians. Politics first, commissar.

The Joint Chiefs started looking like a political party instead of military commanders. They became “yes men” to Obama’s disastrous foreign policy, and watched as our military was degraded.

The same happened in Australia. Every leader who commands more than about a thousand people is selected for political merit nowadays — meaning they are PC. The rank-and-file are safely normal, but the upper leadership is all PC.

60 Minutes reporter Charles Wooley defends Jacinda Ardern interview

60 Minutes reporter Charles Wooley defends Jacinda Ardern interview, by Sam Buckingham-Jones.

The 60 Minutes reporter who described New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as “attractive” and speculated when her baby was conceived has defended his interview with her, saying the reaction has been overwhelming and “Orwellian”.

Charles Wooley, a veteran journalist with the Nine Network, has come under fire from some viewers and critics for marvelling at Ms Ardern’s age and appearance, rather than her policies.

“I’ve met a lot of prime ministers in my time, but none so young, not too many so smart, and never one so attractive”, he said during the 13-minute segment that aired on Sunday night.

On New Zealand radio yesterday, Wooley said Australians and New Zealanders are “culturally different” and conceded while he thought the details of the pregnancy were funny, he may have been wrong.

“It’s a bit Orwellian, you know I think. You’ve got to be so careful now with newsspeak and thought crime and everything else. We suffer the same thing in Australia. It’s not a good time to be a journalist,” he told Newstalk ZB.

Under fire from the PC tryants for saying the bloody obvious that all of us were thinking.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

French rabbi’s baby burned after acid placed in stroller

French rabbi’s baby burned after acid placed in stroller, by JTA.

The baby daughter of a French rabbi was burned after being exposed to solvent placed in her carriage.

The 14-month-old girl suffered burns on her back and thighs Monday in the city of Bron, near Lyon, Le Parisien daily reported Wednesday. The baby is not in danger, according to the report.

The solvent had been placed inside a carriage that the baby’s grandmother had parked in a communal space inside her apartment building overnight from Sunday to Monday. The grandmother rushed the baby to the hospital after noticing a severe irritation on the baby’s skin after taking her for a walk in the stroller and then bringing her inside.

Police are looking into a possible anti-Semitic motive, perhaps by a neighbor, a police source told Le Parisien.

Richard Spencer:

“Possible”? Really? Who else could have done this? “Right-wing extremists”? Not likely. In 2015, French Jewish leader Roger Cukierman said: “All violence, and we must say this, all violent acts today are committed by young Muslims.”

Is France diverse enough yet?

hat-tip Stephen Neil

EU: Hungarian town can’t be European Capital of Culture because there are “too many happy white people”

EU: Hungarian town can’t be European Capital of Culture because there are “too many happy white people”. By Voice of Europe.

The EU jury of the European Capital of Culture contest (EKF 2023), said that one of the participating towns is “too white and there are not enough migrants”, Hungarian news website “” reports.

With only seven semi-finalists left, the Hungarian town of Székesfehérvár made a promotional film for the jury. The film shows the town’s most beautiful places, a happy couple and some kids playing.

But the EU’s jury rejected the submission of Székesfehérvár’s debut film: “There are too many happy white people and crosses, and not enough migrants,” the jury said. …

One of the European Union’s experts replied with: “This is the propaganda film for white Christian Europe; everyone is white, happy and dancing in the streets.”

Everything we see on the media passes through a PC filter. We live in a propaganda bubble.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Rome blanketed by snow as Arctic storm sets European records

Rome blanketed by snow as Arctic storm sets European records, by AP.

The Arctic storm dubbed the “Beast from the East” set record temperatures across much of Europe on Monday and brought a rare snowstorm to Rome, paralyzing the city and giving its residents an unusual chance to ski, sled and build snowmen in its famous parks and piazzas.

Plus record cold in North America, the first snowfalls in northern Africa for decades, an unusually mild summer here in Western Australia, … Perhaps the global cooling predicted by temperature-solar history is almost upon us. It’s not showing up in the global temperature record yet, but global temperature has dropped to the point of mostly erasing the gains from the El Nino years of 2016 and 2017.

From my science website, the prediction made in 2014:

Global temperatures will come off the current plateau into a sustained and significant cooling, beginning 2017 or maybe as late as 2021. The cooling will be about 0.3 °C in the 2020s, taking the planet back to the global temperature that prevailed in the 1980s. This was signaled (though not caused) by a fall in underlying solar radiation starting in 2004, one of the three largest falls since 1610 when records started. There is a delay of one sunspot cycle, currently 13 years (2004+13 = 2017).

2017 is the start of the fall. Solar radiation fell from 2004 to 2009, and temperatures should follow about 13 years later. No, carbon dioxide has relatively little effect — there is a mistake in all the climate models.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

The big financial crisis draws nearer: Is Fed Pumping Stocks To Keep Pensions Solvent?

The big financial crisis draws nearer: Is Fed Pumping Stocks To Keep Pensions Solvent? By Dave Kranzler. The world is heavily loaded with debt, as a result of the huge increase in money manufacture since 1982. To return to “normal” will take a crisis, but so far the central banks have kept the system going along without major discontinuities. This article is about one of the approaching problems that could shatter the picture, the US pension crisis. CalPERS is the biggest fund, for 1.6 million Californian retirees.

The pension crisis is inching closer by the day. @CalPERS just voted to increase the amount cities must pay to the agency. Cities point to possible insolvency if payments keep rising but CalPERS is near insolvency itself. It may be reform or bailout soon. – Steve Westly, former California controller and CalPERS board member. …

A good friend of mine who works at a public pension did an internal study of all major State pension plans and determined that a 10% or more decline in the stock market for an extended period of time would blow up every single public pension in the country. “Extended period of time” was defined as more than 3-4 months. Every pension fund he studied is a monthly net seller of assets in order to fund beneficiary payouts — i.e. the cash contributions from current payees into the fund plus investment returns on capital is not enough to fund current beneficiary payouts. Think about that for a moment.

As such, State pensions have dramatically ramped up their risk profile and most now invest at least 40-50% of their assets in stocks. If you include private equity allocations, the overall exposure to equity investments is 70-80%.

The stock market has now experienced three 9-10% drawdowns since August 2015. Assuming the “V” move higher from the latest market plunge continues, each drawdown has been aggressively and swiftly negated by obvious Fed intervention. The Fed does not deny this allegation and even subtly alludes to a non-explicit goal of targeting asset prices. …

Most, if not all, pensions are quickly reallocating their equity investments for active to passive funds. “Passive” = indexing. This means that the Fed only has to worry about inflating the broad indices like the Dow, SPX and Nasdaq. That’s why an increasingly few number of stocks, like AMZN and Boeing, are driving the indices.

The world’s other stock markets, including the Australian stock market, follow the US markets — which are being manipulated upward by the US central bank to, among other things, keep US retirees from becoming destitute. If markets cannot correct, they fail in their job of efficiently allocating resources. Stagnation and inflation follow, like night follows day.

Having bureaucrats rather than the markets set interest rates is a poor idea, and led us into this mess in the first place. Having them also override other markets is inviting disaster.

Electricity prices fell for forty years in Australia, then renewables came…

Electricity prices fell for forty years in Australia, then renewables came…, by Joanne Nova.

Here’s the last 65 years of Australian electricity prices — indexed and adjusted for inflation. During the coal boom, Australian electricity prices declined decade after decade. As renewables and national energy bureaucracies grew, so did the price of electricity. Must be a coincidence…

Today all the hard-won masterful efficiency gains of the fifties, sixties and seventies have effectively been reversed in full.


Trump Victorious at CPAC, Economic Nationalist ‘Takeover of Conservatism is Complete’

Trump Victorious at CPAC, Economic Nationalist ‘Takeover of Conservatism is Complete’, by John Binder.

As the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) winds down, the mainstream media is admitting President Trump’s economic nationalist victory in taking over the conservative movement and thus, the Republican Party.

In POLITICO Magazine, Tim Alberta notes how CPAC attendees booing down of ‘Never Trump’ National Review columnist Mona Charen after she criticized Trump and French economic nationalist Marion Le Pen embodied the shift in which the movement has made away from open borders, free trade, and foreign interventionism.

Alberta writes:

Charen’s outpouring of dissent accentuated how quickly and completely CPAC has become a pro-Trump gathering, just two years removed from him skipping the event because of a planned walk-out among conservatives who opposed his candidacy.

Late Friday morning, with a standing-room-only ballroom full of conservative activists thundering down applause, Trump told of the “horrendous” immigrants taking advantage of our visa lottery system. He warned of dangerous and unproductive people arriving via “chain migration.” And then, underscoring these threats, the president dusted off “The Snake,” a ballad he often recited on the campaign trail, which likens immigrants welcomed by America to a venomous serpent that bites and kills the woman who took it in. …

The Washington Post‘s David Weigel also mentioned the economic nationalist shift at CPAC because of Trump and his popular “America First” agenda. With youth, specifically, the issue of reducing immigration to the U.S. to raise the wages and quality of life of Americans was particularly popular. …

Trump’s shifting of the conservative movement and Republican Party in a populist, economic nationalist direction is vastly supported by the party’s base of supporters.

For example, on immigration, a Harvard-Harris poll last week revealed that GOP voters now say reducing overall immigration to the United States should be the second-greatest priority for Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress.

Additionally, nearly half of black Americans say they want to see legal immigration levels greatly reduced, the most supportive demographic group of cutting legal immigration down to between one and 250,000 legal immigrants a year. …

Likewise, nearly 80 percent of Americans said they supported Trump’s plan to change the country’s immigration system to one based on merit, skills, and English proficiency, rather than the current system where foreign nationals with family members living in the U.S. are given priority.