More Than 100,000 Non-Citizens Are Registered Voters in Pennsylvania

More Than 100,000 Non-Citizens Are Registered Voters in Pennsylvania, by Katherine Rodriguez.

More than 100,000 non-U.S. citizens are registered voters in Pennsylvania, according to testimony contained in a lawsuit demanding that the state admit its problems when it comes to non-citizen voting.

Are a mere 100,000 voters significant? Yes:

Donald J. Trump has won Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes. Trump has 44,292 more votes than Hillary Clinton, with 100 percent reporting.

The Democrats in the US prevent voter ID wherever they can.

Reader Charles:

All this does is illustrate why Democrats are in favor of open borders and illegal immigration. In the last election the Democrats called middle class Americans deplorables. What will the Democrats do. They will simply flood us with a permanent underclass of illegal immigrants that will vote solidly Democrat. That is why the Democrats won’t make a DACA deal. They are unwilling to give up chain migration. The Democrats really don’t care about these people; they just want their votes.

hat-tip Charles