Florida school shooting was an entirely predictable outcome of intentionally followed policy

Florida school shooting was an entirely predictable outcome of intentionally followed policy, by sundance. Deliberate policies of the Sheriff and School Boards, inspired by an Obama Executive Order, helped create the school shooter and the environment in which to do his evil work.

In April of 2012 Jesse Jackson began to promote the principle: “we must stop suspending our students.” Three months later, in July of 2012, President Obama signed an executive order establishing the basic outline of what later came to be known in Broward County as “The Promise Program.” …

Sheriff Israel and Superintendent Runcie’s implementation of the Broward Promise Program was easy; just stop arresting students and the statistics would be great. As the statistics improve so too does the financial reward from federal grant monies.

While Sheriff Israel and Superintendent Runcie were garnering praise for the results of their program, Parkland school student Nikolas Cruz was a simultaneous benefactor as his anti-social and violent behaviors were being ignored. …

The fact that Nikolas Cruz was able to exit high school without a police record, then began amassing weapons, and eventually became a school shooter killing 17 students and staff; is an outcome of strategic policy, not incompetence.

While Nikolas Cruz was being ‘handled’ and not documented, the Sheriff’s police force was conducting diversity training seminars, de-escalation meetings, and sensitivity training exercises. The last active shooter training was somewhere around 2006. …

There is no actual mechanism to stop Broward county officials from carrying out their ideological objectives. Social Justice has replaced Law Enforcement. The sheriff is essentially untouchable until his next election – which he will likely again win easily; the School Superintendent is protected by the political apparatus willing to sacrifice a few dozen residents to retain the ideology; the school board and county officials are all part of the political apparatus; the mayors are appointed not elected; the district attorneys are all-in on the program; and the judges come from the ranks of the attorneys…. so, don’t expect changes.

Poll: Americans Blame Gov’t For School-Shooting Failure in Florida, by Neil Munro.

The pollster [Rasmussen, 1,000 adults] asked:

Which is more to blame for the mass shooting at the Florida high school? The failure of government agencies to respond to numerous warning signs? The lack of adequate gun control?

Fifty-four percent of all adults blamed government failures, while 33 percent blamed the lack of gun control. Eleven percent says “something else.” …

The highest-ranking subgroups in the 33 percent who blame the lack of gun control were 50 percent of Democrats, 48 percent of people who earn more than $200,000 per year, and 36 percent of unmarrieds.

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