What is it like to live under Sharia law?

What is it like to live under Sharia law? In “A Thousand Splendid Suns,” a popular 2007 novel, Khaled Hosseini describes what happens when the Taliban took control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan in 1996. Kabul had become quite Westernized, with women studying at the universities and holding professional jobs for instance. Islam has never been able to move away for its roots in seventh century Arabia, because the fundamentalists follow the immutable texts and return any Islamic society that strays too far.

Here is a short excerpt about what happened when Islamic fundamentalists got hold of a somewhat westernized society and set about implementing Sharia. If the west is successfully colonized by Islam, this may happen here too in a few decades.

The following day, Kabul was overrun by trucks … red Toyota trucks weaved through the streets. Armed bearded men in black turbans sat in their beds. From each truck, a loudspeaker blared announcements, first in Farsi, then Pashto. The same message played from loudspeakers perched atop mosques, and on the radio … The message was also written in flyers, tossed into the streets. …

These are the laws that we will enforce and you will obey:

All citizens must pray five times a day. If it is prayer time and you are caught doing something other, you will be beaten.

All men will grow their beards. The correct length is at least one clenched fist beneath the chin. If you do not abide by this, you will be beaten.

All boys will wear turbans. Boys in grade one through six will wear black turbans, higher grades will wear white. All boys will wear Islamic clothes. Shirt collars will be buttoned.

Singing is forbidden.

Dancing is forbidden.

Playing cards, playing chess, gambling, and kiteflying are forbidden.

Writing books, watching films, and painting pictures are forbidden.

If you keep parakeets, you will be beaten. Your birds will be killed.

If you steal, your hand will be cut off at the wrist. If you steal again, your foot will be cut off.

If you are not Muslim, do not worship where you can be seen by Muslims. If you do, you will be beaten and imprisoned. If you are caught trying to convert a Muslim to your faith, you will be executed.

Attention women:

You will stay inside your homes at all times. It is not proper for women to wander aimlessly about the streets. If you go outside, you must be accompanied by amahram, a male relative. If you are caught alone on the street, you will be beaten and sent home.

You will not, under any circumstance, show your face. You will cover with burqa when outside. If you do not, you will be severely beaten.

Cosmetics are forbidden.

Jewelry is forbidden.

You will not wear charming clothes.

You will not speak unless spoken to.

You will not make eye contact with men.

You will not laugh in public. If you do, you will be beaten.

You will not paint your nails. If you do, you will lose a finger.

Girls are forbidden from attending school. All schools for girls will be closed immediately.

Women are forbidden from working.

If you are found guilty of adultery, you will be stoned to death

Listen. Listen well. Obey. Allah-u-akbar.

Rasheed turned off the radio. They were sitting on the living-room floor, eating dinner less than a week after they’d seen Najibullah’s corpse hanging by a rope.

“They can’t make half the population stay home and do nothing,” Laila said.

“Why not?” Rasheed said. …

“This isn’t some village. This is Kabul. Women here used to practice law and medicine;  they held office in the government-”

Rasheed grinned. “Spoken like the arrogant daughter of a poetry-reading university man that you are. How urbane, how Tajik, of you. You think this is some new, radical idea the Taliban are bringing? Have you ever lived outside of your precious little shell in Kabul, my gull? Ever cared to visit the real Afghanistan, the south, the east, along the tribal border with Pakistan? No? I have. And I can tell you that there are many places in this country that have always lived this way, or close enough anyhow. Not that you would know.”

“I refuse to believe it,” Laila said “They’re not serious.”

“What the Taliban did to Najibullah looked serious to me,” Rasheed said. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“He was a communist! He was the head of the Secret Police.”

Rasheed laughed.

Mariam heard the answer in his laugh: that in the eyes of the Taliban, being a communist and the leader of the dreaded KHAD made Najibullah only slightly more contemptible than a woman.

And to think that the left in the West currently supports Islam by preventing criticism of the Islamic invasion, by accusing critics of “Islamophobia,” and by supporting immigration from the Islamic world. The left is making a dreadful error, just like they did a few decades ago when they protected and quietly encouraged Communism.

Communism and now Islam. Both are totalitarian political ideologies that require massive government violence to enforce them.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago” in the 1970s lifted the scales from my eyes about the real nature of Communism, as opposed to the lovely sounding theory about equality. I’d been lulled by a lefty news environment into believing Communism was maybe somehow benevolent, trendy, and perhaps even kind of good. But that changed when Solzhenitsyn pointed out that equality of outcome in practice required state thuggery on a vast scale.

The left never renounced communism or admitted it was a horrible mistake. Now they are doing it again, but with a fair deadlier ideology. This is a mistake on an historic scale, one that could destroy the west.