View from the left: Trump Is Winning — are you sick and tired of it yet?

View from the left: Trump Is Winning — are you sick and tired of it yet? By Alex Brandon at Politico, trying to talk some reality into his leftist readers.

Donald Trump is on track to win reelection to the presidency of the United States.

Yes, despite Russiagate, despite shitholegate and despite whatever gate he blunders through next. Despite approval ratings that would make Nixon weep. Despite his mind-numbing political misjudgments — defending accused pedophiles, for example — and the endless, unnecessary daily drama. Trump is winning. It is actually happening, people. And if there are those who want to stop it — and there are, of course, millions — they need to know what they are up against. It’s a lot more than they overconfidently think. …

Consider Trump’s record as president. He actually has something to run on. He’s cut taxes. He’s rolled back regulations. He’s put ISIS on its heels. The economy and the stock market are humming along again, despite recent turmoil. Any other Republican incumbent running on that record of relative peace and prosperity — just as Eisenhower and Reagan did — would be in pretty good shape for reelection. Trump, as loathed as he is, might not cruise to reelection on an electoral landslide like those predecessors. But if jobs continue to be created and the economy continues to hum, whether he deserves the credit or not, enough voters might just hold their nose again and vote for him.

Still living in the fantasy world though. Trump unpopular? Maybe with you and your friends Alex, but Trump is running at 49% approve, 49% disapprove in the latest Rasmussen poll. That’s 5% better than Obama at the same stage, and I don’t recall anyone in the media saying Obama was “loathed”.

One big difference is that most people like Trump’s tax cuts, but disliked Obama’s health care changes. In both cases the media gave a very misleading impression, and people only learned the truth after these changes actually hit their budgets. Most like the tax cuts (bigger than told) and hated the health care changes (premiums went up more than they were told).