Report: Four of Sheriff Scott Israel’s Deputies Waited Outside Douglas High During School Shooting

Report: Four of Sheriff Scott Israel’s Deputies Waited Outside Douglas High During School Shooting, by AWR Hawkins.

A report released Friday claims four of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel’s deputies waited outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while the attack was occurring.

On February 22 Breitbart News reported that one deputy resigned after it was learned that he was on scene but failed to control Nikolas Cruz. Sheriff Israel told ABC 13 that video shows the deputy, Scott Peterson, “arrive at the west side of Building 12” and “take a position” outside the school — but never go inside. The sheriff’s office moved to suspend Peterson, who resigned before the suspension could take place.

Now CNN reports that the Coral Springs police officers claim three other Broward County deputies were outside the school but failed to go inside as well. They quote “Coral Springs sources” who said the three “deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles” when Coral Springs officers arrived. They said “not one of [the deputies] had gone into the school.”

Awesome. When the police are only minutes away … and then don’t really want to get involved.

The state claims a monopoly on violence with the assurance that it can protect us. Obviously that assurance is pretty threadbare.

All school massacres always end in gun violence — a gun forces the killer to stop, one way or another. So perhaps Trump is right, and the answer is more guns?

Banning guns will be as effective as banning drugs. And anyway, the law already says that US schools are gun-free zones. Funny how these massacres are nearly all in gun-free zones. Could be a clue.