Armed deputy at Florida school who ‘never went in’ to confront the shooter resigns

Armed deputy at Florida school who ‘never went in’ to confront the shooter resigns, by RT.

The Broward County deputy who was on the Parkland, Florida school campus during the fatal shooting has resigned, after it emerged that he stood outside the building and did not confront the attacker. …

Deputy Scott Peterson never entered the building, choosing instead to take up a position outside, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters on Thursday …

Asked what Peterson should have done, Israel said he should have gone in and “killed the killer,” AP reported.

Peterson resigned from the sheriff’s department on Thursday, after being told that he would be suspended without pay over his conduct in the incident. Israel would not say if the deputy would face any criminal charges.

The revelation comes after President Donald Trump put forth a highly controversial suggestion to allow specially trained teachers and school staff to carry weapons on campus. Gun control groups and students from Stoneman Douglas and their families have called on the government to “do something” after last week’s massacre.

A true anti-hero.

Glenn Reynolds:

The FBI failed to follow its own procedure when warned of the Florida school killer, which might have prevented the massacre; and now we learn that the armed sheriff’s deputy assigned to the school failed to execute his duty, which also might have prevented the massacre.

It should be no wonder Americans don’t trust their institutions — nor that they want the ability to protect themselves when those institutions show themselves incompetent to do the job.

hat-tip Stephen Neil